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Super Meat Boy, Stikbold! and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, The New Exclusive Games for Nvidia Shield

There is no doubt that the best devices to play are the NVIDIA Shield, especially its Android TV to play on the couch with the convenience of a gamepad and a TV. NVIDIA It has a large catalog of exclusive games for your devices that never stops growing.

Exclusive as Metal Gear Rising, Doom 3, half-life 2 or Portal games joins them Super Meat Boy, Stikbold! y Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, you coming to Android, but exclusively for the NVIDIA Shield. Continue reading

The New ID of Player Google Play Games Becomes a Worldwide Not Evenings in Create Your Profile!

Since the last few weeks the new ID of Google Play player has been available to very few users, its launch was being stepped up to now. This new profile now reaches around the world through the new version 3.7 of the application Google Play games.

The main novelty of the new ID of Player Play Google games is that it dissociates itself completely from our Google + profile, no longer have to have has the social network from Google to enjoy this Google Play games platform, and what is best, will now play with a nickname and completely different to our name and photo real avatar. Continue reading

Minecraft Realms of Road to Android, Soon You Will Be Able to Play Online with Your Friends

Many players of Minecraft: Pocket Edition they miss Minecraft Realms in Android to play online with their friends in their realms from their mobile devices, and after many requests Mojang Finally it has encouraged to realize their desires.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition is already preparing for the landing of Minecraft Realms, that payment service He made his debut on PC in 2013 and which allows us to create and live adventures with your friends and family our own Kingdom always online. Our Kingdom will be only accessible approved persons. Continue reading

The RPG Such of Link Opens Location in Android

We finally have a such of for mobile in the West. Fans of the RPG with Android smartphone can already be downloaded the old Tales of Link, released in 2014 in Japan but encapsulated by Bandai Namco so far. In addition the title is free-to-play with integrated shopping.

It is not a role-playing game by turns to use. The development team devised a game system and a combat style more light, fast and adapted to the screen touch that encourage their use in short games. The mere fact that the batteries of smartphones last what duran recently viable a traditional title of the genre. Continue reading

Pokemon Online for Android, So You Can Download on Your Tablet This Cards Game Online

Nintendo y The Pokémon Company International they will celebrate in style the 20th anniversary of Pokémon with the launch of quite a few games and with the remastering of their first films.

How we know, The Pokémon Company International not you are forgetting our Android devices, one of their most anticipated releases is the augmented reality Pokémon Go game but it is not the only game that will reach Google Play this year. Continue reading

Disney Crossy Road, The Addictive Game to Cross The Main Road by The Figures of Disney

More than 120 million players behind the great success of the addictive Crossy Road. The original game of crossing the road starring a hen caused much furor among players for its characteristic graphics and simple gameplay inspired the classic Frogger from Konami.

A Disney liked it Crossy Road and you want to repeat its success with a new installment starring Mickey Mouse and other Disney and Pixar characters now. The creators of the original Crossy Road have launched Disney Crossy Road. Continue reading

Looking Again-Speaking: Talking Tom Again Remastered

Who not has spoken once with Tom, the most famous talking cat in the history of mankind? He and his friends carry from 2010 repeating everything you say and being cruelly mistreated by thousands of children around the world.

Now, Tom has become. No, in truth he had not gone to nowhere, but it has been relaunched with new graphics, best and new animations and a parental control more stringent so that you can leave your kids alone with Tom without worrying about anything. Continue reading

How to Use The Emulator KO Player to Enjoy Games Android on Windows

As the saying goes, we were few and it gave birth to Ko Player. By now sure that already know one another Android for Windows emulator. From the classical Bluestacks to the one included in Android Studio, Genymotion or the newer MEmu, more focused on the games. As well, there is a new stranger in town, and his name is KO Player.

KO Player is a Android for Windows emulator which, like menu, specializing in the Android games. The main idea is to use it to enjoy your favorite Android games on the big screen of your PC. Continue reading

Miitomo Not Works on Rooted Mobile, But Has a Solution

Miitomo, the first application / game / social network of Nintendo for mobile already it is officially available in several countries, including Spain, from March 31. Millions of people are entertaining wearing your Mii and answering questions with your friends.

However, not everyone has been able to prove Miitomo. Closed some users automatically nothing more open the application. Although initially the logical thing would be thinking that it was a typical error of release, has not slow to discover that the closures followed a same pattern: Miitomo seems not to work in (some) mobile rooted. Continue reading

6 Recommended for Android (And Pay2Win) Puzzles and Skill Games

The videojugos of puzzles and skill they are perhaps one of the most prolific genres within the catalog of Google Play. The Android store has many interesting titles at the same time as addictive, but with a major problem: most of them are Pay2Win. This mean? In most, it is almost obligatory to pay small amounts of money in order to move from a point without dying in the attempt or pull up hairs, like the famous Candy Crush Saga or Pokémon Shuffle.

That is why, in this compilation I bring those games that you can enjoy perfectly once you have initially paid for it, without purchasing in-app which distort the experience. In some cases such as Lara Croft GO, the application offers an extra payment to unlock tracks for each phase, but all levels are fully accessible to the player. Although they cost a few euros, all go through periods of supply and can be found sooner or later by a eurillo, Don’t miss the bargain hunters view. Continue reading