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How to Use Destroyed Jeans

Hello girls! Don’t throw out that old and faded jeans, because the sets of destroyed jeans is back! In fact he was already being used for a few seasons, but now comes with full force! You can even buy the jeans already battered and torn, but if you have any pants or shorts old wardrobe, can customize them and also save!

The style came from the hippies and punks in the years 70 as described by aristmarketing, as a form of rebellion and protest, then passed by us rockers 80 years until you reach the grunge in the years 90. In early 2000, however, it was considered tacky. After he was being entered gradually by the streetwear to Hedi Slimane, the Dior, make your bet in the destroyed! And right!

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How to Make Makeup for Bride

Surely the day that women want to be more beautiful and gorgeous is the day of your wedding and as important as the dress and hairstyle is the makeup for the occasion, after all nobody wants to be over that day so special. Not to miss some care must be taken, it is allowed to dare (especially for brides with modern look), but beware of the excess blush or shadow with tones that “fight” with the rest of the production.

For a perfect bridal makeup the first rule is to follow the style of the bride, a bride with romantic personality is not well with a heavy look. And in general looks brides to highlight the eyes leaving them well – defined and the lips are used lipstick or gloss with more neutral or nude colors. Of course you can do the opposite if you find it more to your face, but be sure it will not load in the eye and that suits your style.

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How to Choose a Frame for Glasses?

Good frame glasses object becomes indispensable for people with vision problem, stylish accessory. So many when choosing pay greater attention must be determined, thinking through its shape, color and material in detail.

Ray-Ban is a leader in the production of sunglasses and accessories. For the production of frames company only uses high technology. Interest are carbon fiber frames that are durable and comfort. Frames made of titanium and titanium is synonymous with ease (they are half lighter than steel components such), they will be comfortable for those who have very sensitive skin. Frames of titanium alloy with a unique opportunity to take initial shape.

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Low Back Swimsuit Womens Fashion

We all did: mix up a bikini with the bottom of another to create the perfect combination. Directly inspired from the beaches, the odd swimsuit parade today on the greatest creators podiums.

The Obstacle Arises Creation

Originally, it was often a major problem. The bikinis were not separable, and we ended up with too panties or too headband. It was without counting the creativity of women who were able to compose according to their morphologies, but also their desires.

You crack for a strapless jersey X, but the matching shorty too accentuates your saddlebags? Try the vintage bikini.

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Tudor Watches: The Void In Summer And Not Only

Summer is now arrived and the desire of sea becomes increasingly irresistible, so after speaking of watches Cartier, Chopard, Locman, Longines and Montblanc is the time to choose a good Dive watch to enjoy the season and water in complete tranquillity.

Among the novelties in the field of watches Sub seen at Basel-the most important exhibition of watchmaking in the world- a place of honor belongs to Tudor watches.

Tudor watches history

The Tudor brand has started its history in 1926 as younger brother of the famous Rolex award, but today it’s definitely become an adult and independent brand with high ambitions. Continue reading

How to Wear Jeans in Autumn

Now is the time to renew denim inventory. Check out the autumn denim trends and find your own look! Click on the picture of the icon, and you can tour the jeans better.

When the weather gets colder in September is a good reason to invest in jeans-autumn models, there’s something for men. The market today is a pair of jeans so tight flared jeans low waist than those of very high waist.

Every wardrobe should be found in one of the basic classic jeans, which is a nice hike leg a little worse day. Shopping, it is important to pay attention to the fit of a pair of jeans and a model, always keeping in mind at all times its own body type. Be sure to choose a pair of jeans and trouser model, length and height of the waist just to suit you!

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Omega Watches: A Luxury Female Too

There is no magazine that do not have at least one page of advertising of Omega Watches for women, aided by a super testimonial: Nicole Kidman.

So far I’ve given some advice to give a watch feminine and I focused also on some brand-female, from Locman to Longines, passing for Chopard up to the Bulgari serpents.

I confess that Nicole Kidman I elicits a mix of conflicting emotions: tender memories of times of days of Thunder, longing for her with the small Tom Cruise and the bitter discovery of Pact with the devil that has made. I decided, nevertheless, to look ahead and this time I will focus on Omega Watches for women. But first, let’s understand how Omega came to Kidman.

The brand Omega

According to, Omega is a Swiss watch brand founded in La Chaux-de-Fonds in 1848 by 23-year-old Louis Brandt, assembler of pocket watches. Continue reading

How to Wash Jeans Properly

Jeans should not really be washed at all, so that they would be and what color is best. However, the guide does not go hand in hand with everyday life. When the jeans get dirty, they are often forced to put in the washing machine.

All jeans are not as sensitive to washing. If denim Jeans is washing or consumption of treatment, you can wash them a little carefree mind like fire knives raw denim jeans. It would be best if you could freshen jeans airing or placing them in the freezer. If washing is your only option, proceed as instructed on

Denim Business JC advise you to wash bath in the jeans they wear, because bathing is a more gentle way to clean the jeans, the washing in the washing machine. Put the jeans leg and count yourself a relaxing bath. If you want the jeans fit perfectly, not pass them to wear after washing. If you wet your pants wiggle but not inspiring, you can of course also be hung out to dry jeans.

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What to Wear to the Beach?

That’s it, you have found the swimsuit of your dreams. And your beachwear then? On vacation, it is not uncommon to take a walk along the sea or stop at a restaurant on the way. Better to be prepared for any eventuality. So, how we dress when we go to the beach?

Beachwear to women

On the beach, we put on a feminine but casual look. For this you have the choice! The beach dress is a classic, you can wear over your swimsuit. Choose light, not to get too hot, and colorful, to sublimate your tan.

If your suit is still wet, you can wear a skirt beach or tie a sarong around your waist. Remember to slip one in your beach bag. Trendy this summer, you can also opt for a beach tunic like Wear broad and somewhat transparent on your swimsuit. The tongs are ideal to walk on the beach, they will not be damaged by sand or seawater.

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Long Sleeve Shirts Plus Size

Long sleeve t-shirts are practical and convenient companion for job and leisure time. With the right cut, long sleeve shirts are ideal for skirts, jeans and business clothing in large sizes. Some details are in large sizes to be observed, so that one feels too well in long sleeve shirts in XXL. Even though dark colors optically stretch the character, you must Access not always to black and dark blue. So pastel colors are to gray and black, if they match the type, a nice change. Also wool-white is a color that stands almost every woman, making timeless classics long sleeve shirts in plus size.

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