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Get Out of the First Fairphones

On Christmas day, rather on Christmas Eve, it was finally so far: the Dutch start-up company Fairphone has delivered its first Android smartphones to the supporters of Crowdfunding campaign, with whose help the Fairphone smartphones could be realised.

Fairphone seems worthwhile: the first production batch of 25,000 smartphones is sold out already since November 13, it is now up to the production of the second batch. The new owners of the first 1,000 smartphones were informed by E-Mail on Christmas Eve over the delivery of equipment to them. Then all devices with the new owners to be received until the end of January, said the company Fairphone.

The Fairphone less than 325 euros and runs on the Android operating system 4.2 jelly bean by Googl. It has some features that mini has the Samsung Galaxy S4 that gets her in the shop with a mobile finance with us. Much but wanted to and want to do different, fair Fairphone, than it does the competition. So, better working conditions should prevail at the suppliers and the producers of the Fairphones in China and also the wages of workers should be fair. The raw materials for the production should be also free of conflict mines and for the customer, it should be comprehensible, how fair the Fairphones is actually produced. For example, there all the info over the phone, the partner and where the raw materials and the built-up parts come on the website of Fairphone. Fairphone should have success with the concept remains to be hoped that other producers of it cut off a slice and also overall fair.

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15 Tips for Better Smartphone Videos

The best camera is the one we have always, so mostly the Smartphone. Because the small companions with every new generation get better lenses and sensors, and there are a number of useful gadgets along the way, the mobile video production is child’s play. You should pay attention to a few simple rules but.

  1. Vertical Avoid Syndrome Video

There are good reasons why there are monitors and movies in landscape mode (natural human sight) – and even more reasons why they continue this tradition with its Smartphone should (loss of quality when trimming). Nevertheless, we are bombarded with vertically recorded smart phones videos.

Better exploited the width of the HD format! On the iPhone, apps like horizon (iTunes) automatically prevent that her time slips in the portrait mode. Apps such as vine (iTunes, Google play, Windows store) and Instagram (iTunes, Google play), which spit out square videos as a result are of course excluded.

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Galaxy S5: Has Begun Mass Production of Displays

A Galaxy S5 seems certain. The release date of the new Samsung flagship seems to move ever closer. According to rumors, the mass production of the new, high-resolution displays for the Galaxy S5 has already begun.

Information from manufacturer’s not there to the Galaxy S5 so far of course. For the more rumors on the Internet around are circulating. Much of this is of course nonsense, else in turn close to the probable. Should, however, be clear that Samsung is already on a successor to his previous flagship phones Samsung Galaxy S4 works. That means the successor model S5 seems logical, but must not be. For example, the Galaxy S5 with a brand new Snapdragon S805 processor to be equipped, run 4.4 version of Android, and one 64 GB have large memory and 3 GB RAM. When the camera it is a 16 Megapixel.

Vote the latest rumors, so the Galaxy S5 Gets a 5-inch, high-resolution QHD display – supported this rumor is the info, after the Samsung has already started mass production of just this touchscreens.

A report of the Korean Web site ddaily according to Samsung has already started the mass production of AMOLED display with a high resolution. The information after it is a 5.25-inch AMOLED display with QHD resolution of 2,560 x 1,440 pixels, that there has been in series production. The Samsung Galaxy S5 had only about 300 ppi so a sensational pixel density of 560 pixels per inch, can perceive the eye in the average. To further improve the image sharpness of the S5 Galaxy, Samsung used a diamond-shaped arrangement with the new model – this is already the case with the Galaxy S4 and note 3.

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Cell Phone Fees Eat Up Pocket Money of Teenagers

Mobile Phone Charges – the Largest Debt Trap for Young German

young people in Germany turn every seven and a half minutes on her cell phone–that can really raise the mobile charges. Because over time the whole can be pretty expensive, they accumulate average debt to telephone and Internet providers as a result, who then have to stutter up off it.

Young people turn every seven and a half minutes average on her cell phone. That it can also quite cost what cell phone fees, many do not think about. And have to pay dearly for it: on average are the under 25 years, to 2013 by the debt counselling agencies have advised that leave, 1350 euros for the providers of phone and Internet services in the chalk, which reports in any case, the Federal Statistical Office. This amount accounted for 18%, i.e. almost a fifth, average of total debt. While the average income of the young debtor was beginning the debt advice service at 725 euro – it costs almost two Nettogehälter the young debtor so average to again get rid of their debts.

Young People are Three Hours Per Day on Your Smartphone

Now young Germans spend about three hours a day on their Smartphone, daily turn 135 times it average.

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Finance A Cell Phone? We’re Top!

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Meaning of KPI

KPI is the symbol that matches the Key Performance Indicator, a management technique known in Portuguese as key performance Indicator.

The KPIs will facilitate the transmission of the vision and mission of a particular enterprise to employees who do not occupy high positions. In this way, all employees of various hierarchical levels are involved in the Mission of achieving the strategic targets set by the company. A key performance indicator works as a communication vehicle, ensuring that employees understand how their jobs are important to the success or lack of success of the organization.

In the business world, the KPIs are quantifiable measures to understand whether the objectives are being achieved. Consequently, these indicators determine whether to take different attitudes to improve the actual results. Key performance indicators should only be changed if the primary objectives of a company also suffer change.

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Snapchat: The Most Important Tips for the Photo Messenger

Send pictures and more recently use also a video chat: the Messenger service Snapchat offers you many ways to contact your friends in contact. The special feature of Snapchat is the ability to activate the self-destruct function for photos and videos.

Also text messages are deleted when a conversation is completed. What distinguishes Snapchat addition: you can edit images and label. We introduce you to the most important functions of Snapchat and explain how you use it.

Add Image Effects

Unfortunately, Snapchat offers so far unable to send photos from different folders as the application itself. Made with the app can edit images but you in Snapchat with filters, to enhance it visually. For this, you need to select the menu item “Manage” under “Settings”. There for example, you can enable the so-called “Visual filter” – with these filters can you improve, for example, the contrast and the colors appear richer. With the so-called “smart filter” adds information as watermark to the image, for example, the place and the time of recording.

Caption and Doodles

In Snapchat there is though no comment function – for that you can label images and videos on demand. If you type after the scanning of the motif on the display, you can add a text. To make a freehand drawing, you must tap the brush icon – then your doodles in different colors can make and thus enhance the image.

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HTC Promises For 2015 Dazzling Surprises

Jeff Gordon, senior global online communications manager from HTC, fueling the fans just in time for the new year and gives a glimpse of what the manufacturer for 2015 in planning via Twitter. Although we have already the one or the other idea, however, it looks as if behind the curtain, still great surprises await.

“I’m superior anxiously on HTC in 2015! I can not wait to show you what we have worked!”wrote Gordon first on new year’s Eve evening. Then he also promised: “(HTCs Roadmap für 2015 wird die beste sein, die wir je hatten – mit einigen großen Überraschungen, die Euch wegpusten werden.;)”

HTC One M9, Desire And A New Re Action Cam

There is no official information about the great revelations to which alludes the HTC Manager there, unfortunately still. Leaks and rumors can already guess a lot. The manufacturer from Taiwan will begin next Tuesday with the unveiling of a new desire smartphones at CES in Las Vegas the year. In March the next top Smartphone HTC one M9 to celebrate then at an event to the MWC already premiered. Also presumed that HTC will continue to its product line introduced in the autumn of re camera. And then there still talk of a new tablet on the basis of the Google nexus 9. What do you expect for big surprises by 2015 by HTC?

HTC Promises For 2015 Dazzling Surprises

5 Photo Tips For The Motorola Moto G (2014)

Excellent photos with the Motorola Moto G (2014): the U.S. company Motorola has improved the camera with the reissue of his Moto G by 2013. These recordings is now delivering 8 MP and should also offer a faster auto focus and better color reproduction than its predecessor. We provide you a few tips, so that your shots with the camera of the Moto G (2014) even better.

5 Photo Tips For The Motorola Moto G (2014)

Ease Of Use Of The Camera App

The camera app for the Motorola Moto G (2014) is kept deliberately simple. To take a photo, you must press the display only in the preview. If you let your finger on the screen longer, take up several photos in a row. Alternatively, you can take a photo using the volume button.

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Plus Size Cropped Tops

And this plus size cropped top with tie dye print, eh!? I can’t tell you how long I wasn’t wearing a tie dye, in the years 90 I had a wave a little hippie and I found the most clothes “stained”, but then everything seemed so cheesy and just gave up use to fall by the wayside. It turns out that there are a few seasons I see the tie dye brushing the looks of people and legal shows and, suddenly, I enjoy a tie dye – except now with a footprint more hippie chic, thanks!

The clothes today, in fact, proves that the simple can also be very fashion with overlays. Note that the top plus size cropped won another guy with the long vest over and there was just perfect accessories that look was really nice and cool! The long vest I flipped on my collection with Xica Vain, last year, but I truly believe that he will continue in the fall/winter, not to mention that it makes the face look more chic, more sophisticated.

Oh! A cool thing that cropped top plus size is that it is a little longer, that is, for those who don’t like/don’t want to/don’t have the guts (yet) to show their bellies, but want to get in on this fashion from, he’s great.

Well, baby, I really think that clothing is one way we can express our personality, the way we look at life and is also the first impression people have of us. So, the more positive and true for our relationship with our body and our closet, more positive and real will be the vision of others about us! And, today, I read a sentence in English that I found very interesting, in Portuguese is more or less: “what people think of you is their problem and not yours”. So I think that, like everything else in life, the good is to find the balance between what people want transparent and as we care about what you think of us. You can’t care much about what other people think of us, but we have to call at least a bit to live harmoniously in society. A complicated relationship, right? But we always have to think about who is more important in these two sides. For me, it’s always more important that I’m happy, so if this balance have to weigh somewhere, she weigh what I think and what I care.