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Snapshot Serengeti Delivers Selfies By Animals, And Needs Your Help

Thousands ‘Selfies’ of wild animals of the Serengeti: The project “Snapshot Serengeti” established 225 camera traps in the vast area of Savannah, to document the life of wild animals in a large database.

They have recorded over 322,000 pictures of animals in Tanzania in the famous National Park within three years, living in Savannah, focus reported. In this way, not only special types can be found, but capture the movements of the animals and their behavior. So the researchers for example in this way to determine easier, which animals where how much have multiplied in the Savannah.

Snapshot Serengeti Delivers Selfies By Animals, And Needs Your Help

You Can Help In Determining

When evaluating the huge amounts of data, the project on the use of volunteers is instructed. Already more than 28,000 volunteers took part to identify the animals in the pictures by snapshot Serengeti.

If you are interested, to contribute to the project, you can simply visit snapshot Serengeti’s website. Under the tab “Classify”, it calls the corresponding base. A tutorial explains you step by step how you can help in the classification. For this, you must you see images and click in a table, to which animal it could be your opinion.

HTC One M9 +: New Version “Supreme Camera” Officially Unveiled

HTC introduces a new version of the HTC one M9 + with the addition of “Supreme Camera”. As the name suggests, the Smartphone when compared to the previous model with improved camera technology to score. Thanks to the optimized photo technology, HTC, promises that your the one M9 + “Supreme Camera” much faster can focus.

The HTC one M9 + “Supreme Camera” contains a camera on the back, take photos of the pictures with 21 megapixel GSMArena reported. In addition, a built-in optical image stabilizer against Verwackler helps photography. The model had to come out even with a 20-megapixel main camera.

Nimble Laser Auto-Focus

The installation design of camera HTC one M9 + nothing changes compared to the previous model. But instead of a second camera on the back, HTC uses a laser auto-focus in the new smartphone. The camera is to use the auto focus engine in the HTC one M9 + “Supreme Camera” particularly fast sharp can create according to HTC threesome as within 0.1 seconds. Likely to get especially snapshot fans their money’s worth.

Otherwise changes to the HTC one M9 + “Supreme Camera” nothing at the hardware specifications compared to the previously available model. It includes a 5.2 inch QHD-resolution display. The MediaTek processor accesses 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal memory. From October 6 the Smartphone to be available in Taiwan at a cost of about 630 dollars. When and if the HTC one M9 + “Supreme Camera” will be available in this country, is not yet fixed.

HTC One M9 New Version Supreme Camera Officially Unveiled

iPhone 7: Taking Shape Deluxe Version With Dual Camera

Dual camera there are rumors that predict a special camera technology for Apple’s next flagship model in the iPhone 7: for a long time. Now it says out of the supply chain that components already been supplied to Apple.

iPhone 7 Taking Shape Deluxe Version With Dual Camera

So the company should have sent Largan technology from Taiwan and several lens manufacturers from China and Japan components for dual cameras to Apple, DIGITIMES reported, citing sources of supply circuits. Largan technology is currently responsible for about 60 percent of iPhone cameras – supposedly the company from Cupertino looks for other manufacturers to avoid bottlenecks in the production of iPhone 7. This message fits with speculation from the summer of 2015, that have Apple problems for the mass production of the camera module.

Only In A Special Version

A dual-camera for the iPhone 7 is already for a long time in the conversation: there are first rumors to a facilities of the Smartphones with this technology already in November 2014. An Apple patent that beginning January 2016 was published, describes the possibility for a dual-camera in an iPhone.

Most recently, it was said that probably only a special version of the iPhone 7 with a dual camera will be equipped: apparently there will be a corresponding “Deluxe version” of the iPhone 7 plus. The so-equipped smartphone to be able to access depending on the prevailing light conditions on the one or the other camera lens.

The iPhone 7 could not only in relation to the camera innovations bring, but also in terms of audio: rumored Apple want to give up the Jack connector for headphones to make the device less. Also, the Smartphone to get improved speaker.

Sony Claims: From 2017 Are Smartphones Standard Dual Cameras

The dual camera technology from Sony could only come after the iPhone 7: in previous rumors was the talk of that plus there at least a variant of the iPhone 7, which will be equipped with two camera modules on the back. But perhaps at least Sony will provide none of the components for this, even if the Japanese group of technology predicts a great future.

Sony Claims From 2017 Are Smartphones Standard Dual Cameras

In the report for the third quarter of fiscal year 2015, Sony predicts that the dual camera technology from 2017 in smart phones of the major manufacturers to find will be, as the XperiaBlog reported. This could also mean that Sony equips the iPhone 7 with a dual camera in 2016 – and assumes that many large manufacturers in the coming year also use this technology in their top smartphones.

Apple Could Use Its Own Technology

Should verify the prediction by Sony, this could mean that the iPhone 7 will have still not two lenses, but in the coming year, a whole series of smartphones will be equipped with dual cameras. However, it would be also possible that Apple uses its own technology: A recently unearthed patent already describes a similar camera system with two lenses.

A Smartphone camera with two sensors and lenses of different focal length – for example, with a zoom and a wide-angle lens – could be used more flexibly for close-up, Panorama or portrait photos. Current Smartphones have mostly only the possibility of zooming images with pinch and zoom, which means a reduction of the resolution but ultimately.

History of Leather Jackets and Biker Fashion

This fall 2013 season comes full of trends inspired by the fashion that has distinguished itself for decades to the bikers, such as leather jackets and heavy boots with buckles that they have used for some time. However, where does all this clothing?


Leather jacket

This garment used to take shelter from the cold weather of fall and spring, or winter in warmer places, is usually made with different animals, in colors black and brown leather mainly. This garment has been historically associated with different subcultures as the bikers and motorcyclists, drivers military, police and many others related to the music as the punk, goths, metalheads and rivetheads, who have used this piece not only for its properties that allow shelter from cold winds, but by issues of mens fashion and style.

In the early 1900s, these flight jackets in leather were carried by pilots and members of the army.

It was in the second world war where it acquired the name of “bomber jackets”, or bomber jackets, which were excellent for protecting them from the cold climate of the heights, and many times were lined with sheep skin.


Its popularity

In the mid-20th century, leather jacket won much popularity and acceptance, mainly due to its connection with the stars of Hollywood than in the 40 and 50 used them, inspiring an air of adventurer. From Gary Cooper and Marlon Brando, in the 50 to Harrison Ford and Tom Cruise in the 80s and 90s, the big screen has been responsible for always doing this garment of rough use existing.


The rock star and the leather jacket

However the leather jacket has not been just in the world of cinema, but that many representatives of popular rock bands have also used it. Members of the Black Panthers in the 60s and 70s, or the Ramones, who turned it into a whole trend in punk subcultures, and heavy metal. Especially in the punk culture, these are adorned with accessories how can be it rivets, chains and large metal zippers.

Its production

Currently modern leather jackets are produced in Italy, Pakistan and the India, Canada, Mexico and United States with remains of the meat industry. However, by its cost and lifestyle issues, also the market of imitations of leather charges every day more boom producing polyurethane or PVC jackets that simulate leather.


The leather jacket and the bikers

The term biker, motorcyclist in English, meaning refers to the subculture not sports motorcycling-related. Often it’s the rockers or metaleros who tend to listen to classic rock, heavy metal, hardrock and other similar genres. You are associated with Harley Davidson motorcycles and a culture of rebellion and anarchy.


The boot style biker

This style of footwear is also associated with motorcycle riders and they are sold in ranks ranging from ankle boots to boots below knee. His heel in low for better control of the motorcycle. For questions of safety are made with thick and heavy leather, many of them are equipped with metal buckles to conform.


Biker fashion

The trend related to the clothing of the bikers has permeated the fashion industry at various times throughout its history. At present the trend is recorded in a more stylized version which is mixed with inspiration from the punk era of the 80s and grunge that was experienced in the 90s.


Stylish and Practical Accessories for the Galaxy S2

Nichole Ecstasy case – magenta

This Ava Ecstasy pouch is the perfect Samasung Galaxy S 2 accessories to everyone who wants to have his Galaxy S2 well protected so that it always looks spanking new. Nichole Ecstasy Galaxy S 2 pouch is made from durable polymer in high quality. The pouch protects your device mot scratches and damage in a very elegant way. Case mounts easily on the back of the mobile phone, fits perfectly and underline your smartphones elegant design.

Nichole Ecstasy Galaxy S 2 pouch

* Easily Clicked on
* Easy to take by
* Washable
* Access to all ports and dock-contact
* Opening for camera lens
* Openings for headphones and microphone

Lim’s silicone bag

Lim’s protective pouch in Rainbow colors is specifically designed for the Samsung Galaxy S 2. The colorful Galaxy S 2 cover is actually a hard cover with rubber coating that protects the surface on your Samsung smartphone from damage, scratches, dust and fingerprints. Its design in the colours of the Rainbow are very attractive and stylish. Check here for more.

Galaxy S 2 silicone bag

* Openings for all operations and functions
* Ultra-thin case
* Extra protection against scratches and damage
* Material: TPU
* Screen protection and cleaning cloth included