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Learn Cycling Properly

The bike WINS fans every day, either to be used as a means of transportation in the cities, how to practice sport. What, in principle, should be something very healthy, can become a source of back pain and the cervical. To avoid it, in Our site explain how cycling properly.

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Diy Your Own Carnival Costumes

Make-up and hairstyle are key parts of the production, but let’s face it: Carnival costumes are what’s true in the tone of the revelry.

If you are a fan of DIY, or do it yourself, you’ll love track with the people that compiled of tutorials to make your own costume and go out fully only in the blocks around. Continue reading

The Caramelo Boots

The face of country fashion in the urban zone can be defined with the caramel boot. Simple, basic and a middle ground between brown and nude, it is a great choice of women’s footwear for anyone who wants an easy-to-use, simple to match piece and without fear of mistakes. And there are so many amazing models to choose from that most suits your style. Check it! Continue reading

Braids Are Popular on the Red Carpet

The sweet and delicate braids are back. After a short time off by curls, Tufts Mohicans and Coke, if you depend on the Cannes Festival the promise is that this hairstyle back to the scenario. What a great suggestion for feast days.

The flashes and spotlight of the red carpet registered celebrities with looks and charming, that had the braids as protagonists. Some bold, others more discreet and classics. Since the more romantic, where the braid makes sometimes a Crown, even a mix with bold tuft, option chosen by thetop Guy Delevingne. Continue reading

The Cosmopolish Nail Bar

Last week I went to a nail on the famous Cosmopolish, the nail pine bar. I thought it was so cool that I decided to make a post, leveraging it’s Saturday, “saloon” and enjoying fashion week in Sao Paulo. PAS in Sampa and girls want to put together a look full of nail style, my tip is the Cosmopolish Nail Bar – a concept that is super hype in Europe and USA, and finally arrived here in Brazil. Recently opened, is cool, fashion and super cute. In order to gather friends together to make the nail and speak of meninices, every day, from 7:00 pm, you can enjoy drinks super hot while doing the nail and hit a chat – or not. Continue reading

Golden and White or Black and Blue Dress?

The controversy of the dress was the topic of many conversations and discussions on the internet, since your appearance on Thursday night (26/02). It all began with a post on Tumblr a surfer, Caitlin McNeill. She posted a picture of the dress and asked him if he was white and gold or black and blue. That was enough to trigger a flurry of interactions, discussions and opinions. As a result, many explanations from various sources have emerged. Understand why each person sees the famous dress in different ways. Continue reading

The New Charriol Colvmbvs Chronograph Watch

Although the legendary watch and jewellery manufacturer Charriol was only founded in 1983, the creations have long since reached cult status. With the new Charriol Colvmbvs Big date GMT the watchmaker demonstrate now their skills: that for the design of the timepiece nobody else as godfather was Christopher Columbus, is obvious. Many style elements reminiscent of the seafaring and also the portrait of the discoverer should not be missed and finds himself on the Case back. Continue reading

Characters in Fashion!

Serials lovers know well how some mark stages of our lives, and to remind them, comes an inevitable sense of nostalgia. As a fond of series, there are several titles by which I fell in love with and, even today, I review the chapters with the same emotion.

And as the Brazilian soap operas, serials Americans are also famous for their fashion and reflect the style of a generation. Who ever lusted after the grifados models of Californian Marissa Cooper (The O.C.) or dreamed of being Kelly Taylor, the it girl of the years 90, 90210 series?

Sure, you have your references and inspirations, but I decided to recall some emblematic characters who in one way or another, influenced my love for fashion. Continue reading

Learn How to Take a Slippery Turn Safely

Gadgets: With good grip and level ground, it is quite easy to brake and turn. But when it becomes slippery as it becomes more difficult. We show you how to take a slippery curve safely.

Before thinking about swinging, we must, regardless of grip and underlay, adjust the speed. To feel safe in slippery conditions also requires that you practice and get rid of the knee-jerk behaviors that are adapted to dry conditions. Take the opportunity to train before your new skills are really needed.

When it’s good grip dispenses to the braking force to front brake get the most power. But when it’s the worse road conditions you have to adjust the brake after conditions. The barrel-it is the greater man bakbromsens force and reduces frambromsens. Continue reading

How to Lose Weight from Cycling

The benefits of cycling are many and, in fact, is considered one of the best sports because it is very complete, as well as swimming, since exercise all the muscles in the body and not just a part of them. Among all these benefits of cycling, one of them helps us to lose weight, in addition, must know that it’s not just riding my bike if it’s slimming, but have to complement with a balanced diet. In this article of a give you the tips for you to know how to lose weight cycling.

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