Black Eyed Peas Heat up with LED/OLED Technology

Paris is traded not only as the city of love, but also as the city of lights. Not to mention the importance of the French capital as a fashion Mecca. Under the sum of these aspects there could have even no other place, where the US band Black eyed peas once again combined music, fashion and technology to a breathtaking stage show.
And that not only in one evening. On three evenings in a row, the alternative Hip-Hop combo their live show, which attracted attention not only by the performance of the artists presented this summer at the sold-out “Stade de France” (with space for saturated 80,000 people).
Their costumes designed specially for this June event, which were occupied with LEDs and OLEDs were a highlight of the presence of the Black eyed peas to oratory than not. The Philips Chief Designer in the field of light, Rogier van der Heide, with his team has designed the costumes, built was Philips led and OLED technology of the State according to ledlightsclassified.
Alone the Catsuit of singer Fergie was equipped with 175 small OLED panels, which worked off as sheer little mirrors, but showed on the result of a special programme, which earned costume patterns of light and lighting sequences exact match to the set via remote control on Fergie’s.
In addition, the team led by the award-winning designer van der Heide, leather outfits for the two bandmates taboo and worked closely with the stylists of the Black eyed peas, B. Åkerlund, designed.
The differences between of the personalities of the two musicians should be reflected in the built-in light effects of the costumes. Taboos sleeveless vest underscore the futuristic style of the band, almost 1,000 LEDs adorned his vest, with silicone covers held the light from the LEDs in the bridle a little, if the pattern is synchronous flew to the moving patterns of the band members about the costume. was equipped with a leather suit, where the LEDs were arranged so that he resembled a giant Equalizer display.
Memorable performances with light rhythms
Even before the three concert highlights at the “Stade de France” in Paris, Bandstylist Åkerlund had worked together with the Philips designers, already in May 2011, the team became the Black Eyed Peas at the “Billboard Awards” in Las Vegas in the truest sense of the word in the right light.
The cooperation was so fruitful that both sides wanted to collaborate again. “Memorable performances are important for the Black Eyed Peas, they develop further with each appearance and give the fans a new experience so every time”, so Akerlund, who enthusiastically praised the cooperation with the Philips team due to their expertise and design innovations.

We are already looking forward, where these technologies are used in the future. Such picture textiles, for example, for motorcycle riders or cyclists at all would be possible to make their way through dense traffic safer.