Bikinis Trend for Summer

The winter will gradually giving way to the warm season of the year, is when there is a need to change the previous summer bikini for a more updated with the latest trends of beachwear. Another concern is with respect to the brand and where to find it. That’s why the fashion Portals listed some tags, what they brought to the summer 2012 and where to locate them. Check out!

Releases In Bikinis For Swimwear Summer 2012

The 2012 Summer collection brings stamping fun, with vibrant colors divided as inspiration. But even with the plethora of pictures, there’s still the flat models for those who prefer a more minimalist models.

Among the issues presented by the dint of their floral prints with hibiscus seagulls forming blocks of colors alive. There was also a change in the pattern replacing the flowers by stripes, which underscored the effect color block.

The tropical trend of the station was present in the collection with the Rio de Janeiro and the bossa nova as the background. Salinas gave emphasis to the bandeau bikinis with draped details for summer 2012; Meanwhile, the hot pant back as a symbol of elegance this season.

Salinas has a virtual store – which is possible to buy single pieces and assemble your set, but who prefers to check the products up close can go to the menu “shops” on the bottom of the site that displays the location of the physical points of sale as the State. Also allows close contact through twitter.


Conceptualized by the sophistication and the elaborate, beachwear brand has brought for summer 2012-in an atmosphere of celebration of 20 years of brand-bikinis that marked the style of Lenny Niemeyer in the course of his career, with models ofpanties behaved, light draping and metal applications.

The collection–whose concept of designer was presented at Fashion Rio Summer 2012 -has two prints (Panther and Parrot) by Michael Roberts, Director of the American magazine Vanity Fair style and friend of the designer.

Lenny sells in 6 States, but Rio de Janeiro remains your main selling point. There is no shop, but there is a possibility of contact with the brand by e-mail and phone for information about the products.

PH Swimwear:

For the season the brand was inspired by the Freedom, reflected in the prints of birds and butterflies, floral, tropical landscapes, in addition to a vibrant color chart. The highlight of the Summer 2012 is in the tops of bikinis, that came more prepared, with brass and strings.

A winter trend which the PH Swimwear if it was based in the 50, was a hot pant, but other details which characterised the period clothing as Princess neckline and front only also appeared in the collection.

For the location of shops and products details is necessary to access the menu “contact”, which the consumer must write the information you wish to purchase. There is also how to obtain them via phone and twitter.


The successful modeling and built the brand on 2012 Summer collection made it used also in another partnership with the SUB, a multi-brand shop of beachwear.

The collection features the late 70 and influences of tropicalism, both in modeling and in tissues and in color chart. Among the bikinis of the tube top, with half of the twisted or with application of metal.

The campaign came in the same tropical climate of the collection, being held in Porto de Galinhas-Pernambuco, starred by winner of the contest “Miss Wonderful” Regina Krilow, performed by the fantastic in 2009.

In the menu “where to buy” the consumer has the option to choose the State, and automatically pops up the options to purchase the Cyann the covers.

Dalai Lama Beachwear:

With a focus on women and the differential in the development of unique, stamping–belonging to the top of the 90 Aline Moreira-brought to the 2012 Summer abstract motifs, tie-dye and animal print of Python.

Bikini modeling is another unique feature of the Dalai Lama Beachwear, characterized by larger models and more behaved in addition to your fitness to the anatomy of the body and applications of metallic details. The strapless model is the key item to brand station.

The brand provides for questions and information about the products in the menu “contact” and, as well as the PH Swimwear, it’s the consumer who must describe the information you need.


Since 2004, the beachwear market Vitess is investing in sales in Brazil, because in the beginning were the export as most appropriate. The summer 2012 brand was showered station trends like the stripes, floral, geometric motifs, animal prints and tropical prints.

The butterflies stood out in the collection, both in printing appearing, at another time with background or even stamping the minutiae of the wing, as in the metal details. The modeling in bikinis is one of the differences of brand, who also bet on draping,twists, bold cutouts and hot pants.

The sale of the collection is made by show room in Rio de Janeiro, which soon will house the physical store of the Vitess. The brand also offers products in other States such as Santa Catarina, Mato Grosso, Minas Gerais, São Paulo, Alagoas and Rio Grande do Sul; but the information and location are provided by phone.

Ana Lisboa:

The lingerie brand plus size only has 6 years in the market and also works with beachwear with numbering between 42 and 60, which proves that the swimwear for fatties is not limited, also going on Bikini options.

The tops maintain better breasts, covering them completely, especially in Halter and models with furrowed between breasts;Likewise are the panties, in modeling more comfortable, sometimes with pursed lips hiding the chubbiness.

For summer 2012 Ana Lisbon brought tropicalism with influences from the 50, the latter shows mainly in modeling bikini and romantic polka-dot print. Already the tropicalism appears in abstract prints and animal prints like Leopard print.

Ana Lisboa has no shop, but can make the purchase of the products by phone or by filling out the form on the “contact” menu.The tag sends the products by courier in the whole Brazil.

In short, the swimwear, especially as the bikinis, is literally in tropical climate, whose stamping is your main reflection. In modeling the bigger panties are back, especially those hot pants, an influence of the 50 in the collections as well as the neckline Princess of bulge. To the top the bandeau has arrived with a vengeance, and between twists and metal applications tends to leave the summer 2012 even more engaging.

Milene Loiz Shah

Milene is bacharelanda in sets of Maringá State University and writes for the Fashion column in the newspaper O Estado.
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