“Bikini So Teeny”

Thanks to all of the bed rest and all do nothing, I used the time to get my nails again a bit on front man. Because during the hospital stay, some are broken and fragmented, and you want to do the whole Nagellack(entferner)dämpfe the bed neighbor, nor the remaining station. So I waited until I’m back home and have allowed quietly a little manicure me (of course homemade). On the bed, mind you. Since it is not so easily paint itself, but good…

Bikini So Teeny

You can see in the photos that my cuticles has suffered from something. All somewhat dry and unkempt, but you do just what you can and was more there now still not in there. But my nails and I – we’re working on it. 🙂

The paint I bought it a while before all the hustle and bustle and was looking forward to how he looks on the nails… Confused he has me, but just more…

essie – “Bikini so teeny”
Bikini so teeny collection summer 2012

  • 1 coat of “Rock Solid” (essie)
    • 2 coats “bikini so teeny” (essie)
    • 1 coat “good to go” (essie)

Order & opacity: The order goes as usual slightly, two layers bring an opaque result. Perfect paint ready.

Dry season: Funnily enough the varnish has despite “good to go” me something longer needed than usual, about 30 minutes.

Color: And here we come to the biggest problem with the paint. I’ve heard others feel so. Actually, the color should not so look like in the photos. Especially not so spotty marmorartig (it reminds me somehow of clouds). The color is changed by the topcoat, it becomes darker. The paint is actually more lilac, pastel and brighter in the vial and without topcoat. He darkens but with topcoat, rather bluish – the color is taken well in the photos. The fine glitter, it still perceives in the vial, is no longer visible on the nails.

Total: the paint is really okay in principle. Also the modified color is actually quite beautiful – the mottled finish will be happy to still get away. However, is for me something that should happen with a varnish, unless it is so announced. Finally, I buy the color, because she already like in the vial, and I expect that she looks so or just minimal changes on the nail. I have never experienced a such phenomenon of color change. Slight darkening, Yes. But as starkly, never! Even if the color is cute – for me this is a no go. Unfortunately.
Without topcoat, the color will remain supposedly so as in the bottle – I don’t need but very reluctant topcoat, especially suffers from even the life of lacquer on the nails and I wear the color like as long as possible.

Purchase recommendation: Who not deterred by the color change can be (well, this is blatantly expressed, but it is somewhat startling, if not expected!) and topcoat may waive in case of emergency, gets a nice color (or even two!). Really recommended I not find him but due to this problem unfortunately.

essie is for €7.95 (color paints) dm and Douglas, also of course on the Internet, even a little cheaper, in the United States.