Best Lighting for Baby Nursery

That’s it. The nursery is ready to receive it for balmy nights and cloudless. And lighting in all this? It is essential to refine because the light will help create a safe environment and participate in comfort and healing newcomer. No way to leave a bare bulb hanging from the ceiling!

Lighting for Baby Nursery

And when your little one grows, it is necessary to change the lighting with him according to his activities. So how s’ find your way through the jungle luminaries, between suspension, wall and table lamp? What models are suitable for infants? It enlightens you…

Lamps And Night Lights Suitable For Babies

A slogan of sweetness! Because yes, the newborn is very sensitive to the rise in brightness, its view is booming and his favorite pastime is the dodo! We must therefore focus in her room a soft and harmonious atmosphere, conducive to sleep and serenity.
To do this, go for several light sources: you can combine a ceiling suspension with one or more wall night lights, choosing from a range of pretty and decorative models in Josephnightlights. The Zen paper lantern suspensions shaped like animals or fantasy characters, you’ll find the fixture that matches the decor you want to invent. Do not hesitate to add a table lamp, enveloping the room in warm light and the inevitable pilot light or lantern, poetic and soothing.

Luminaires When Baby Grows

The room becomes a place of discovery, games, stories, in short a place where the lighting is going to have its importance for your little one feel good every day. Again, there are luminaire models in all ranges and for all the world!
The bedside lamp becomes a very valuable source of light at bedtime for a story under the duvet. And kept the light or lantern as a remedy against the nightmares!
For gaming activities, it favors a little more intense lighting with ceiling or suspension and maybe a desk lamp that will provide a spot for your young artist can realize his first works of art.

And it does not skimp on safety! Protective caps for bulbs, lamps that do not heat and outlet covers are essential ingredients to ensure the tranquility of the entire family!

Baby Lamps: Our Selection Shopping

Why not drag some pretty lights in the list of birth of your newborn? There is something for everyone and every price!

1-Table lamp, Nanuk-Mr Maria
€ 149.00

2 Table lamp, The Little Prince Mr Maria
€ 169.00

3-Luminous Cloud, The mark weasels
€ 139.00

4-Suspension, Miffy Ceiling-Mr Maria
€ 169.00

5-Boon Glo Nightlight-Portaballs
€ 81.59

6-bright Star-Zoe Rumeau
€ 139.00

7-Baby House, Dolce Luce-Micuna
Convertible bed with integrated nightlight + dresser changer integrated bath
€ 952.00

8-Night Miaous’tach-Verbaudet
€ 31.96

9-Giant Unicorn Light-Smoko
€ 122.39

10-Lantern BL100-Quechua
Ties by € 9.95

Need an example of birth list to be yours? Here is a model …