Bernard Favre: Watchwinder Planet Double Axis

The planet double-axis by Bernard Favre can be more than keeping and operating automatic watches. Because the watch winder is an eye-catcher because of its unusual design, which also puts the inserted timepiece into the scene. The watch sits on the planet double-axis on a device, which is clamped in three stainless steel tires. These rings are polished, black or gold-plated depending on the model. Visually, the team, which is mounted on an aluminum base, reminds one atom.Unlike conventional watchwinders, the planet double-axis rotates the clamped clock with or/and counterclockwise and tilts it at the same time forwards and backwards. The owner can choose between nine different programs with different rotation speeds. Two of these settings stop the movement on a regular basis for six seconds each, thus allowing you to watch the timer. A supplied glass bell protects the clock from dust.

The watch winder has a diameter of 12 centimeters and is with glass bell 21 centimeters high. Power for 120 days provides him with a rechargeable battery, a USB charging cable is included. With aluminum base the variants of the planet double-axis cost between 1.390 and 1.980 euros, the foot is additionally leather covered between 1.490 and 2.080 euros. The price includes a leather case for the trip.