Benefits of LED Bulb in Company

The lighting of the environments is increasingly related to sustainability and the economy. Today, the decoration and architecture projects they value the most of natural light, and a trend that came to meet the need of artificial lighting are LED bulbs.

Invest In LED Bulbs

Get to know the benefits of if you choose to have LED bulbs in companies:

Why Invest In LED Bulbs?

In shops, offices or large enterprises, good lighting is extremely important, because a poorly lit space, or too light, can affect the productivity of workers and also fend off customers.

Choose to install LED bulbs in companies, makes the audience feel the urge to visit your retail store, because it creates an environment more welcoming and attractive, in addition to providing numerous immediate benefits in many ways. See 4 of them:

1. Economy

The LED lamps have a useful life 8 times larger than the other, what causes less exchanges during the year and, therefore, brings greater economy. It is also true that the consumption of this type of lamp is very low, and the difference you can feel the electric bill.

Having LED lamps in companies is not only economical, but also is more efficient, especially in the phase of operation. All LED lamp has your energy converted into light and not heat, so there is no waste of energy.

2. Return On Investment

Time to cut costs, every company should invest in options that allow to evaluate the financial return and how soon that will happen, and an alternative that will give good results is the choice for LED lamps, because in this way will require fewer replacements, causing the economy to be up to 80% more than the other most common options.

Usually, a LED bulb lasts between 12 and 17 months — more than 50,000 hours of useful life compared to other types. See:

Incandescent light bulbs: they have only 1,000 hours;

CFLs: they have 6,000 hours;

Tubular fluorescent: they have 7,000 hours;

Halogen lamps: they have 3,000 hours of useful life.

Imagine how your company’s financial return will have to opt for LED light bulbs. Speaking of durability, LED 1 is equivalent to 50 incandescent bulbs.

3. Ecological Sustainability

When using LED bulbs, you choose a sustainable solution, since this type of lamp is environmentally correct. The other types, including, contains toxic substances that can be harmful to health, while the LEDS are free from any harmful material, being 100% recyclable.

4. Protection Against UV Rays

How does not generate heat and not emit UV rays, LED lamps also don’t fade the colors of objects of an environment, not emit infrared radiation is not harmful to health, offering a perfect balance, both the site, and the people who frequent the area.

Thus, when choosing your lighting company, take into account the positive aspects that have LED lamps, as regards productivity and reduction of costs that it can generate with maintenance and trades.

Now that you’ve checked out some of the benefits of LED lamps in corporate environments, enjoy and discover B22 LED bulbs: