Bed Linen

The closet, or space, where we keep the bedding should be dry and ventilated, away from moisture, because no one likes sheets smelling of the stored.

Everyone’s dream is a spacious closet, with a place for everything, especially those who, like me, live in a place with climatic differences and have a closet full of blankets in the summer and an empty closet in winter.
The secret of a good organization and use of space, are always, piles of the same size and according to the space one has on the shelf.
Here the suggestion is to wrap the sheets in a pillowcase, which looks beautiful to anyone who has a huge closet and plenty of space, but is not practical at all, for those who have little space.
The tip here is to put the sheets inside the pillowcase. In the photo also looked beautiful, but I tested and did not approve.
My linen closet is in my room.
He was like this! What a shame…
The first thing I did was to remove everything and separate what was not in good condition for donation.
Do not think you can still use it, remember that someone else needs it more than you do.
I separated these two games, which I use only when I go to the beach (the bed is different in size from mine) and I put it in a well-sealed bag under the bed, while…
The box that I intend to buy, and I have already chosen, does not come. Remember the post: Under the bed has…
It’s a precious space for things we do not use much and I will not waste it.
After everything tidy up. Ufa!
I kept it in the same pile, the sheet set, and the four extra pillowcases we used. All together! This makes it easy to change.
I put a necklace hook on the door.
And to ensure the clothes are fresh and fragrant, I used this anti-mold I gained from Ordene, the smell is soft.
Looks practical, comes with a hanger and facilitates placement in any closet.
I’m a fan of narrow shelves, I think, if your closet is not well taken advantage of, invest in more shelves, it’s worth it!
At the other door, I used this sachet I got from CasaGi, which smells wonderful, sorry that the internet does not smell
I glued on the door with strong double-sided adhesive.
I glued another on the rack and scented the entire closet.
The CasaGi is a partner of you and has you organize beyond gorgeous bed linen, while we’re at it, have delightful fragrances. It is worth checking!
Still, another idea, for those who have a large family and do not like to mix sheets, grampinhos with labels, separate what is from whom.
You may have noticed that yesterday’s post was a re-run, I’m having problems with GVT and no internet at home, it’ll take me a little while to return the visits. I hope my problem gets resolved soon.