Beauty Trends: The Return of Bushy Eyebrows

Bushy eyebrows to enhance the look. Here is one of the new trends in beauty that has already succeeded on the runways for fall winter 2012.
Retouch your eyebrows every day? Don’t make too much effort, this year are very strong and very trendy bushy eyebrows, au naturel. After many years of making them as thin as possible, jumping from one style to another, we can finally afford to set aside a bit, or at least we won’t have to use brackets and ruler to touch them up.
2012 fall winter catwalks, and on magazine covers, the eyebrows are quite thick and marked, able to give greater depth and drama to the look. Remember Kim Novak in “Vertigo”, the Italian Hitchcock film? Remember her look deep and haunting in which the master of the thrill has devoted several close up?
But so that the result is the same, we must in any case cure them thoughtfully and not let them grow in the wild. Indeed, if your intention is to adhere to this new trend, it would be wise to let them grow for a time, two months or so, and then rely on experienced hands, possibly at a professional make-up, to remodel from scratch your eyebrows.
It is true that the regrowth is likely to turn out to be really embarrassing, in this case, waiting for your eyebrows bushy appearance, you can retrieve a touch the pencil, just to make the apparently uniform hair that usually grows in patches.
In any case, ask for a suggestion to someone you trust who can advise you in relation to your features. For example, if daily bring your eyeglasses with a fringe, maybe the bushy eyebrows are not ideal, unless you want to take the risk to be lighter on the facial features. Then, you too are ready to make you grow back your eyebrows? Undecided? Take a look at our photo gallery for clearer ideas.