Bathroom Space Saving Solutions

The bath trolleys are really useful space-saving solutions. Allow to exploit surfaces, even of small size, which would otherwise be lost, and with their extremely articulated structure.

The trolleys allow to give a rightful place in hygiene products, for beauty, detergents, linen… or to the many elements that abound in our bathrooms, often resulting in chaotic situations.

With a single supplement, however, with a small cart, high off the ground but subtle, side drawers and divided into several sections, arranged in a corner of our bathroom, you can contribute to the cleanliness of the environment and the general order.

It is multi-functional facilities, equipped with small wheels that facilitate the move from one environment to another. Useful not only in the bathroom, but also in adjoining spaces such as laundry rooms, or at least in all environments where practicality reigns: kitchens, cellars, attics, garages …

For a broad overview of the carts for the most suitable house to each home environment, see Section “Guide & Tips” and, specifically, to the category of articles that takes its title of “Storage compartment trucks.”

Below are some of the most suitable to equip models and embellish the bathroom.

Useful, practical and easy to handle, the trolley Bath Model 13591 Zeller.

It is a complement made ​​entirely of precious bamboo wood, with metallic finishes which act as a brake to the fall of the exposed products.On three shelves, equipped with four wheels in black rubber, two with brake system.

It takes up very little space with its: 45.5 cm wide, 38 cm deep, 76 cm in height. Its clean, simple lines, its neutral color and its clean image, make it a complement perfectly integrated so the style of classic and modern furniture. Excellent quality / price ratio.

More sophisticated design of the Model Chrome 3 shelves of Wenko.

It is a solid and sturdy trolley in satin stainless steel. Its dimensions: 41 cm wide, to 75 cm in height, to 32 cm deep.

On three very roomy shelves ; with 4 wheels coated in black rubber, scratch the floor; supplied to the arc shaped handles that facilitate the movement and can also be used as hangers for laundry.

A complement-refined, with attention to every detail. Useful to embellish every bathroom where elegance dominates the scene.

It differs from previous models due to its closed structure, fitted with drawers, the Cart Melina 282150 of Axentia Bad.

It is a truly innovative complement, with a shiny structure made ​​of metal; an upper floor for storing products of some importance, always made ​​in chromed metal; 3 drawers underneath, made ​​of transparent plastic, with steel knobs; 4 wheels in black rubber, useful to the movement.

A trolley bath superior in aesthetic component. An addition not only good for ornamental purposes, but also particularly useful for the capacity of the three storage compartments and for its discrete size: 39 cm wide, 33 cm deep, 65 cm high.

Perfect to embellish bathrooms feature a decidedly modern decor from Anylistintheus.