Bags-What are the Best

Know which Pack you should choose for certain type of trip.

We are sure that you know all the tricks and tips to get your luggage on vacation… What you may not know is what Pack you should choose for certain type of trip. The strazzera is going to help you because we invstigar and we have the solution!

Night in the camp. Field is synonymous with tranquillity, relaxation and simplicity, so these weekends as well us know after a busy week of work, we suggest you to take just a cute backpack (of course!) at The moment does not require great productions, before light clothing and practices. We leave you some examples to inspire.

Beach weekend-Ok, it’s the weekend, we’re talking Beach bikini options can be many (yes because we never know that bikini pick …) so we will be more demanding. The truth is that even if it’s just another night, a backpack just isn’t enough! These weekends are summed up to lots of beach, pool, large petiscadas and who knows, a lively night (with friends or even family). That’s why we have to be well prepared! Yes, I bet you’re thinking that you want to see the suggestions. Don’t worry because we have many!

Romantic getaways-are increasingly sought after by couples seeking some time alone, or couples who may be married for a long time, they want to get out of the routine. And leave the routine also involves an entire preparation of the best sets to surprise your better half. Now the big question: what bag take? Take time to love and not to stress to go loaded with huge and heavy bags! We present you the best solution.

InterRail trip-Came the long-awaited moment of the year, the departure to adventure! The trip you’ve been planning for months with their friends, boyfriend, family! The first Rail can be a bit expensive since it is required an initial investment to buy all the equipment. And here the decision has to be very well planned, after all you can’t forget that your bag will be your best friend on this trip and accompany you during the whole trip, so we have to be very practical. Of course, the Strazzera won’t let alone in this decision. You can opt for two alternatives, the Backpack: you’d better be a little bigger than usual and it is desirable that is tough and that has multiple outside pockets, or the trunk: an alternative to backpack. Should be light and, if possible, have wheels because you’re going to have to carry with you all the way. The backpack/bag must not weigh more than 15 kg-keep in mind that you may have to go through a good few kilometres on foot with her; plus along the journey will buy more stuff (you know what we’re talking about) which will cause her to be even heavier. You can take small bags to serve as compartments inside your backpack. So you can have a bag where you keep your toiletries, another where you keep your dirty clothes, among other things. Try to keep a minimum of organization not to waste a lot of time looking for things you need. Now, it’s useful to have a small backpack/Bag to keep you in the cities and take only the essentials (wallet, cellphone, camera).

Honeymoon triphoneymoon is one of the most important times of a woman’s life. The journey typically extends for 10 or 15 days, and that’s almost always a destination hot spot, away from Portugal, and which provides rest and adventure to the new couple. This trip is allowed any kind of bag, but in particular, and because the moment calls for an extra dose of clothes, accessories, shoes, are devotees of large suitcases (but not give headaches on your carrier). See the Gallery some of the suggestions.

Business trip-a business trip the practicality is watchword, it no doubt. Travel with the luggage can leave them n the only wrinkled, but also make take extra unnecessary weight. Traveling is always good, but traveling on business can be exhausting, which is why it is important that your bag is well prepared to move easily and without excessive weight. And because you can’t miss formal wear to the most important meetings and relaxed for a few hours to enjoy what the city has to offer, let yourself be contagious for our tips.

See now the gallery with all the suggestions: