Avoid Wasting Water by Proper Pool Maintenance

Use treatment products and accessories such as filters and pumps, to leave the place clean. Write down the suggestions and take advantage of our unmissable prices

The correct maintenance of swimming pools avoids the constant exchange of water and ensures a clean place for the fun of the whole family and friends. For this, you need to purchase some products. The house chlorine is capable of disinfecting the water and preventing the proliferation of bacteria, and the algaecide are responsible for inhibiting the growth of algae.

Proper cleaning swimming pools, however, also depends on other concerns such as the installation filter (which performs filtering dirt suspended in the water) and pumps (whose function is to make the circulating water, thus avoiding that it is stop and unusable).

Complete cleaning by using some accessories such as vacuum cleaner, sucking the residue remaining in the bottom of the pool. Another essential product to leave the place clean is always the brush, which helps in cleaning the sides.

Now that you know how to perform the correct maintenance of your pool, click the product, see our terms of payment, check and compare!

With an eye on water saving

Perform maintenance of your pool using the listed products. This way, you avoid the exchange of the pool water, which usually should happen only once every two years; Use the pool water to wash the yard, water the plants and play in the toilet; Keep an eye if the pools have some arm hole and avoid water waste; Always choose the use of covers and liners to prevent water evaporation.