Attractive and Efficient Light: Business Hotel Chain Will on Led

The third largest business hotel group in Europe, NH Hoteles, shines fully in a new light: the companies listed on the Madrid Stock Exchange operates currently 400 hotels with nearly 60,000 rooms in 26 countries in Europe, Latin America and Africa. More than 20,000 employees every day ensure that a perfect all-round service at a high level will offer guests and business partners.In addition to contemporary concepts of service is consistently sustainable hosting one of the priorities.

Recently, the Spanish hotel chain with a cross-border project therefore converted 60 of their homes in Germany, Austria and Switzerland on LED lamps. Philips MASTER LED high – and low-voltage reflector lamps, four and seven watts, as well as the ten watt MASTER LEDspot AR111 were used. 1:1 replace the conventional halogen solutions with 20, 35 and 50 watts.

The basis of the conversion was the call for a sustainable efficient LED lamp solution for public areas such as the lobby, hallways, to find restaurants and conference rooms. The existing halogen lamps should be replaced it without additional installation effort. The goal: It should be achieved a significant energy saving and CO2 reduction, without the usual good quality of light and atmosphere. A challenge of the cross-border project was about the same time to advise all participating hotels of the three countries and to accomplish the relamping logistically and technically.

Lamp replacement system

A selection of sample hotels for the exemplary determination of optimum lamp exchange initially to prepare the conversion. An Energiescan on the ground provided the basis for the technical advice and solutions. All experiences and peculiarities were systematically recorded and evaluated. On the basis of the results was a pragmatic approach which allowed via telephone voting, in close cooperation with the electric wholesale partner Obeta, a smooth conversion action. So could all 60 hotels in a short time with around 23,500
Philips MASTER LED lamps are fitted.

The focus areas of the hotel was with a daily lamps burning more than eight hours. A MASTER LEDspot NV MR16 and MASTER LEDspot HV GU10 were employed. The LED lamps have a precise distribution of light and a pleasant warm white light, which is very similar to that of halogen and incandescent lamps. The installed conventional halogen reflectors AR111 were replaced by the corresponding MASTER LED AR111 version. The LED lamps offer all the advantages of modern LED technology, from the infinitely variable dimming to the low heat development.

Rewarding conversion

Switching to high-quality LED lamps with the NH Hotel Group, compared to Halogen lighting, an energy savings of about 80 percent. Although the LED solution in the purchase is significantly more expensive, the payback period is only eight months. The high energy efficiency and long life of LED lamps of up to 45,000 hours are the reason. This significantly reduces the maintenance effort and costs. Another advantage is that LEDs emit no ultraviolet or a significant proportion of infrared light. Materials not prematurely fade and the air conditioning overhead is reduced. The environmental claim is satisfied: LEDs are mercury-free and make a significant contribution to the CO2 balance.