As I Cut Soon Consumerism of My Life

I was invited by Atroveran to tell how I cut a behaviour or habit that ended up making me suffer, and at the time I thought about consumerism. You know that thing out passing the card to every impulse that comes up? Well, I was like that. All consumer wishes had to be addressed immediately – and, to facilitate, I left all the loans purchases.

Stop to add up everything that I was spending? I didn’t see reason – I didn’t want to have to be dealing with the card. When I say that this behavior can be super harmful, I know what I’m talking about: I’ve been through this on the skin.

It was a difficult time: I made well, but I hated my job. So the rationale was obvious. Every desire, a single reply: “that’s why I work.” Another variation was also very often: “I’m worth it!”. Yes, I deserved even everything-just didn’t deserve the invoice at the end of the month.

After a few months – just a few, thank God-I was toasting my savings with handbags, shoes, blouses and skirts at I didn’t fall in the red because it had managed to join a certain financial mattress, but he was leaving in a daunting speed.

And the worst: all I bought was expendable. Everything. Were articles of clothing sets, the kind that you see on various sites and blogs and find the last of the beings do not have an equal. None of those purchases was: most of the clothes was donated, many even with label.

I had to stop to observe my behavior. What was taking me to spend money like that? Not to make any account? To look inside, I saw that there was a great unhappiness with my career. Spend a lot of money in ecommerces in the middle of the day wasn’t going to fill that hole.

It was at this time that started my quest for a different professional project. The idea to mount the Female Finance was born soon after. But for that, I would need not only money to assemble the site, but also to afford me until the site starts to score well.

When you find the source of my problem and set a clear goal, stop consuming crap was much easier. I didn’t need another bag – I wanted was to see my business grow and flourish. With a clear motivation, is much easier to forgo certain impulses that once seemed non-negotiable.

With that, I gave a #cortalogo in this situation and the bags and more bags of my online purchases stopped coming home. The goal was clear: my site had to work. Soon began to arrive the first testimonials from readers who have found support in our posts. And that Ghana to buy, to have all the news, was fading. I’m not saying I never spent it with nonsense, or that I don’t love shopping: I just had the pleasure to have a suitable size in all other priorities in my life.