As Demaquilar Correctly the Eyelashes

All women in general like to have bulky, long eyelashes and frizzy, and you know very well how to apply mascara, but many women do not know how to demaquilar the eyelashes correctly.

To completely demaquilar the eyelashes there are very simple tricks:

  • It is advisable to use specific makeup remover, in this case we use makeup remover to lashes. These can be found for various prices and various brands.
  • To apply the product correctly, you must do it with cotton.
  • The eyelashes fall with ease, so you should demaquilar following the direction of your growth.
  • Must pass the cotton from the tear duct to the outside of the eye and the same thing in the upper lashes.
  • Pass the cotton as many times as necessary until the cotton comes out clean.
  • No rub the Cilia, which may end up pulling out and they take on average 5 years to grow.

On the market suitable for demaquilar the eye area. If your mascara is waterproof and long lasting it is recommended using the two-phase Makeup Removers, which in addition to water, contains special oils in the formula.

But you know, you come to a party dead tired and got lazy to take the makeup? Well, that day, and only on that day, you can use the makeup removal wipes, which are very easy to use. If you don’t have them in hand, appeal to a facial moisturizing cream and cotton, of course, after washing the face to avoid skin irritation. But that’s only once in a while!