Apps That Your Woman Can Not Find on Your Phone!

Every man is afraid that the woman will find something on her cell that can be a reason for discussion. Some of them have nothing to hide. Others even have a few things to do. The problem is that both can have very serious problems with these “discoveries”. And few of them think that in addition to messages, connections and contacts, applications can also be controversial.

Apps That Your Woman Can Not Find on Your Phone!

There are Apps made to hide information from others on your phone. Some use this for noble reasons such as personal and family safety. Others use it more to hide betrayals and more serious things. Regardless of the context, these will cause a fight if the person who sees them knows about their duties.

An example is TigerText, a message hideer that places an expiration date on your messages and automatically deletes them. Good for anyone who wants to get organized better and does not like a lot of messages accumulated in their file. But good luck explaining this to your wife, if that is the case.

Slydial is a program that sends your calls directly to the message box, without even touching and without the owner having to answer the phone in bad times, avoiding that other people can answer calls as well. Think you can use this for meetings and customer service so you do not be interrupted all the time. Or for less noble ends. At least you now have a good excuse to use.

Private SMS & Call hides text messages and calls, hiding sent photos, torpedoes and even making a secret agenda available. You can also bypass and reject calls automatically. In times of warmer text messaging and a greater chance of losing your cell phone, both you and your wife are protecting against malicious people with apps of that genre. Famous artists who let their message photos fall on the internet might well have avoided problems using this application. To increase the security of the photos, they could also have used Vaulty Pro, creating a safe for the images of their cell phone.

If even she has not discovered any of the apps, at least two of them are more innocent: Ax Auto Romeo and MANsaver. You can write down all the details of your life as a couple and always remember dates, times and important things. This holds true for those in a relationship as well as those who hold a women’s harem. Never forget that detail that differentiates a slap in the face of a kiss on the mouth.

When it comes down to crime, the Singles AroundMe application will help you find available women near you. For this application, we do not have an excuse ready. You, our readers, can help us in creating one, no?

Despite the title of our article, try using these applications for more noble purposes, okay? Respect is good and everyone likes !