Apple Has in the Smartwatch

It would be strange that this year we did not see the first bet of Apple in the field of smartwatches. And we should not think for the moment in teams of great aspirations but rather an accessory with health in the spotlight, as we have been talking about these days.
That first advanced watch from Apple seems to be the testing ground for new forms of recharging and improvements in the field of batteries for the Cupertino company. So they comment in the WSJ , which contains testimonies of Fadell (one of the responsible for the iPod) where he says that, for example, solar recharge has always been a challenge for Apple. That type of energy would be one of those that would be tested in that advanced clock with the help of solar panels integrated in the lower layers of the screen.

That solar recharge would be for Apple now feasible by the greater exposure of a watch to light all day long, something that does not happen for example by a music player or smartphone.
Of those possible ways to recharge “wearable” gadgets in the future, the WSJ also mentions a logic, induction (although it will be necessary to see how they are intended to implement it because a few years ago, Phil Schiller was not very convinced of the current Way to use it), and another also promising for this type of accessories: the recharge by movement.