Apple Estimates That Iphones and Smart Watches

Apple today released a document called ‘ More Answers to Your Questions about Apple and the Environment ‘ (something like ‘more answers to your questions about Apple and the environment). Among the data reported in the document, one is of particular interest: the company estimates to be 3 years the life of its iPhones and Apple Watches, and 4 years of its MacOS and tvOS devices.

Apple Estimates That Iphones and Smart Watches

This data appears in the second topic of the document, which clarifies how the company assesses the volume of greenhouse gases produced over the life of its products. To answer this question, Apple needs to calculate how many greenhouse gases are generated by manufacturing, transportation, recycling and use of the products – and that last point is the most interesting.

According to the company, based on ‘collected and estimated’ data on daily use of its products, its computers, notebooks and Apple TVs should last 4 years before being disabled, while iOS devices and watchOS should last 3 years.

Durable products

The company’s estimate should be seen as a way to calculate the greenhouse gas output of its products. Therefore, because it is an average based on both data collected and estimates, it is possible that the company’s devices last more or less than that.

As The Register points out, the figures revealed by the company do not deviate much from user expectations for the life of such products. The main exception, however, is Apple Watch, as it fights the market with both other smart watches and (because of its price) with Swiss watches , which are usually made to last throughout the life of their Users.