Apple Asks to Register ‘iWatch’ Brand in Japan

News about smart clocks do not stop , if a few days ago they told us that Google was in it, we know that Foxconn also likes the idea, and Sony does not need to talk more, you just have to see their products.

Nor do we need to remember that we have been waiting for months for Apple to present us one, after confirming that they worked in different devices than they already have in catalog. In the past D1, Tim Cook stated that he sees interesting opportunities in the technology to carry on.
New evidence is found in Japan , where Apple has applied for registration of the iWatch brand , the name that the entire industry would give a supposed smartwatch of the Californian brand according to ScienceDict.
It is important to check the date of the registration, which is sometimes very far back in time, although it has been discovered recently. In this case, the application is quite recent, on June 3, the same day that was also done with “iWatch” in Russia. Equally, we must make it clear that a trademark registration does not imply the placing on the market of a product.
The information regarding the application found, speaks of a product categorized within a group where “handheld computers”, or watches come in. The same source of the news, Bloomberg, announced in February that Apple had a hundred engineers working on a smart watch.
With a little rumor, Intel has come to relate to the project, because the company’s processors also work on technology that can be included in such a small space.

Posts to ask, we would like to see something beyond notifications of our Smartphone on the small screen, like biometric sensors included. Analysts expect a $ 6 billion deal for Apple.