App Test: Sports And Tracking Apps For The Iphone

Where they run… (Runtastic Pro and Nike+GPS)
In practice, the Nike+App ( AppStore-Link, 1.59 Euro) is a reliable running partner.Provided you wait a bit at the start, until the iPhone has found the GPS signal under the open sky. In comparison, Runtastic Pro ( AppStore-Link , 4.99 euros) apparently also finds the satellite signal in closed rooms immediately.

“Nike+GPS” warns the jogger, “Your route may be spotty but we can not track your time and distance of your run”. And if you start your movement drive then the app is kindly pointing to: “Weak GPS signal! Bring the app to the foreground for better run data! “The tracking has been nearly clean except for two exceptions, when I did not wait for the app to display the GPS signal properly.
Sometimes the run was a bit near the roads used, but all in all, the data were right. Not always accurate to the meter, but “roundabout” tuned the distances. This also applies to “Runtastic Pro”. Both apps have shown almost no misfires on the road. In all cases, I wore my iPhone either in a bracelet or in the chest pocket of a jacket. I also liked the “Voice Feedback” of the Nike App. On the way, they briefly and briefly report the distance and the average speed per kilometer. And a proud smile is worth the friendly congratulations of the international running proj- ect around Paula Radcliffe & Co.. Even if they repeat themselves after a short time. The “Cheer-ins” can be disabled by the way. All records of the “Nike + GPS” app can of course be reset. Also the calibration of the distance.

For each run, a kind of running day book can be carried out, in addition to the statistical data, the mood composition, the condition of the run, the weather conditions, short comments and the heart rate can be entered. Here, too, Runtastic has the nose lightly before Nike + with minimal or marginal differences. The sharing function with Twitter and Facebook I have to leave out in my discussion, unfortunately, because I do not use both platforms. In the case of Runtastic and Nike +, the user can, by the way, decide whether he wants to release his recordings on the corresponding portals on the Internet for viewing by other users.

about : Runtastic Pro “Exercise, Analyze, Share” – the start screen of the app “Runtastic Pro” outlines what the developers from Linz are all about. The functionality is almost identical to the Nike application. However, “Runtastic Pro” differs significantly in the design from the app of the American sports article manufacturer. The home screen is not quite as tidy. The look loses itself from the abundance of the data. If you are wiping the iPhone screen, you suddenly land in the map display or even further in a performance diagram or even further with the GPS compass function. If you wipe quickly, you land in the operating menu for the music control. All this is available to the user in the “Session” menu item alone.The docking list shows three other menu items: “Activities”, “Portal” and “Settings”. Too many features at once for my taste. But all good in German!

Under “Activities”, Runtastic lists the most important data of the runs. Say: how long, how far, how fast was I traveling? If the iPhone battery is running out, the data can also be entered manually. I can also tell the whole Runtastic community and let me challenge. With the matching chest strap and sensor, which is plugged into the dock connector of the iPhones, can be also a pulse measurement to document and later at home evaluate.

Under “Portal” you will find a complete overview of all runs. The collected values, starting from the total training duration, distance, calorie consumption and altitude difference.Everyone can also leave their personal newsfeeds or comment on them. And in the public newsfeed, see what other community members are doing just like this…

The “Settings” of “Runtastic Pro” are no less extensive. Apart from the most important personal user data such as Nike+, other features such as pulse measurement and range appear here. Anyone who runs Runtastic Pro for the first time should disable the warning and warning notes. The first time I was on the road with Runtastic Pro, a countdown from the iPhone loudspeaker sounded before the start-audible for all around the world. And then “Vanessa” (vox ex machina) announced to the general amusement every kilometer a hint about the kilometers, time and speed traveled. Vanessa is annoying at the end of kilometer three.

Both running and fitness apps now offer added value, which makes the iPhone an indispensable companion. Although they do not work on the meter exactly like a Garmin&Co. GPS tracker, they are accurate enough to see where you are going around the world. Of course, they are also suitable for impressing among friends who do not want to believe that the round about the shut down airport Berlin Tempelhof is almost 7 kilometers long. For freestyle runners, joggers and hobby runners, both apps offer a good motivation aid and give the “Reactivated Impact” to move around in the wild again. Afterwards you just feel good and can be proud of yourself. Both apps are excellent as an electronic walkthrough. If you do not need it in detail, “Nike + GPS” is enough. If you are a paying fetishist, you prefer to use “Runtastic Pro”, which by the way is more than three times as expensive with 4.99 euros, but also offers “a bit” more. Available on iTunes in the App Store.