Android Voice Recorder:Top 5 Apps

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In today’s post in Transcript Now , we’ll talk about the top 5 voice recorder apps on Android.At a time of an interview, lecture, meeting or any other situation that requires you to make a recording, it is very helpful to be able to use the cell phone.

That way, having easy access to an application that works as a voice recorder on Android can be very handy for any of these purposes.

Several apps have already been created with that in mind.We will list below and we will review what are the top 5 voice recorder apps on Android!

Just to give a little taste, we will talk about the following applications:

If you have an Iphone and not an Android, do not worry!There are apps that act as voice recorder for the Iphone as well.So we separated the 7 best applications present in this system.

The most famous operating system used among cell phone owners also has its advantages and specificities.

Just like on the competitor, Android phones are commonly used to shoot, surf the internet, send messages and record audios for various purposes.The best Android voice recorder can only be chosen considering the need you have.

Android voice recorder

Check out the list selected by Transcribed Now of the 6 best audio recorders for you to download directly from your Play Store:

Record Now



One of the most outstanding applications in this field, Grava Already developed in partnership with Transcribed Now, and besides having all the normal functionalities of a voice recorder, the application allows to send its recording directly to the process of transcription of Audio output.Once the process is done, the payment and the sending of the transcript is done directly in your e-mail.

Excellent for those who need to record an interview or material that should be transcribed.

TapeMachine Lite Recorder



One of the most outstanding applications in this industry, TapeMachine is very simple to use, with a file editor that allows you to copy, paste or delete portions of an audio.In addition to this incredible functionality, you can add effects and distortions to the captured content and customize your audios and podcasts through different skins.

RecForge Lite – Audio Recorder



With a cool interface and all the customizable icons, RecForge Free could not be missing from our list.The application allows you to make recordings and save in MP3 and OGG formats without any restrictions.A differential of this app is the possibility to share the files in a simple and easy way through various services such as SoundCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, Box and even Ubuntu One, not widespread among Internet users.

Hi-3 MP3 Recorder (Lite)


Rating:not rated

Hi-Q MP3 is the perfect application for those who like to customize their applications, leaving it to your face.It offers a large amount of settings, allowing mainly customization of the interface.The differential of this app is the possibility of using more than one voice recorder, when it exists in the cell phone, to capture as many sounds as possible.It also allows you to send your recorded audio files via email, Skype or WhatsApp.It is worth checking.

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