Amu with Quattro Eyeshadow Glam Sensation of Alverde

Today I’ll show you an eye-make-up (AMU), the I’ve melted 44 Glam sensation with the Quattro Lidschatten range in color, the me alverde NATURKOSMETIK * kindly has sent for testing.

For the complete review for the Lidschattenpalette, see my post from October 7, 2011.

First, I’ve primed the lid with compact powder. Then, I have applied the matte light grey clay over a large area. In the inner corner of the eye until about the middle of the lid, I’ve given the matte lilac. The blue tone is applied with a soft brush in the crease banana-shaped to give more depth to the eye, and I have so I drew a soft, subtle eyeliner on the eyelid and on the lower Lashline. I gave the very bright glittery eyeshadow on the brow arch and the transition to the nasal bone in the Canthus following

In addition to the mentioned colors I have applied

  • Backstage Dual-active powder Foundation in color light beige 001 as powder to matting on the whole face and eye shadow based on the entire eyelid
  • L’Oreal STUDIO secrets PROFESSIONAL white mascara base
  • L’Oreal STUDIO secrets PROFESSIONAL 90° easy mascara
  • Powder Rouge by alverde color pretty Terra 03

I am not happy with my eyebrows. Do not pluck is not because they grow then curiously blocky. Therefore, I pick out almost daily small new hairs. But I always see which, over which you – as in the photo – look. And this little mad Magglish in my left brow is also always there. It is too stupid to have makeup the body and the hole. That seems to me totally unnatural. So I live with not so beautiful brows. I hope you can see also over it with me.

* alverde NATURKOSMETIK is a quality brand of dm.
The products in this post were provided cost and unconditionally me by the manufacturer or the competent public relations firm. Thank you very much! The post reflect my honest, free and subjective opinion.