Already Is Official, The Brand Motorola Has Become and Launches Logo

Has it had been rumored for some time, and it seems that Lenovo has reconsidered the absorption of the Motorola brand within its own catalog, something that seemed a mistake given the popularity of the brand and the strength that was lost becoming lines “Motorcycle by Lenovo”. It has finally occurred, Motorola has become and launches logo.

One year and shortly after the departure of Mark attended his return. A brand steeped in history has enjoyed milestones as having made the first mobile phone of the history, the DynaTAC, and he managed to print in our mind models and designs such as those of the RAZR, which now could be in the form of Moto Mod, or the V3.

It began to disappear in 2011, but they did not even know

Motorola did not pass by its best moment when Google took the company, Motorola Mobility, and this occurred in the year 2011. After several models of considerable success, especially those of the line bike G that revolutionized the midrange forever, mark returned to change hands, the previous cutting of modular phones Project Ara, and ended in 2014 in the bosom of Lenovo.

In early 2016, Lenovo decided to fully absorb the brand to integrate it in its catalog with the aforementioned bike by Lenovo, and has now reversed the process to return to the market, taking advantage of in addition to give a facelift to the old logo and place a new one. A cool logo and to serve him to show that the legendary Motorola has returned, albeit as part of a greater whole.

So you can imagine that the upcoming releases of the company will already have the Motorola brand preceding each model name. We can wait for the arrival of the Motorola Moto X and Motorola Moto Z, and the G bike to begin soon to take advantage of this new marketing. But the question is, would not have been better to do it during the presentation of the G5 bike at the Mobile World Congress?