Alcatel Xess Ranges is a New Tablet from 17.3 “for the Family

Ripeschiamo from IFA 2015 this article since al 2016 CES Alcatel has finally announced the availability and price of this product that we showed at the beginning of September but which has not yet released. Alcatel OneTouch Xess ranges will be launched in Q1 2016 to $ 499. In Italy the price should be similar but in euros.

Alcatel presented Xess ranges (pronounced like the English word excess), a new “tablet” to 17.3 ” dedicated to the whole family and based on Android 5.1.1 Lollipop. The Terminal is a product meant to be used as a multimedia hub and control of all objects connected to the Internet of things present in the home; Thanks to its special kick stand you can place it at different angles, so as to better adapt to various tasks.

The back of Alcatel Xess ranges there offers a convenient handle that lets you carry it easily in various rooms of the House, while in the central part you can find housing for the stylus included and a convenient USB port that connects mass archives and other devices. There is also a special dedicated connector to power the tablet that invokes the MagSafe mechanism used by Apple in its products.

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As for the hardware, the tablet has a screen full HD, 2 GB of RAM, and a MediaTek MT8783Tprocessor, while the Android operating system has an interface almost completely stock except for an interesting screenshot.

Alcatel has integrated a special page devoted to family activities that transforms Xess ranges in a multimedia Whiteboard to insert notes, weather, data for all activity tracker present in the family, a control center of video surveillance cameras and much more. Alcatel Xess ranges also presents a nice feature that recognizes the gesture of hands at a distance, particularly suitable for cooking mode included, which also offers information on recipes and much more. Alcatel will market its Xess ranges later this year, although for the moment are not yet known, prices and availability in different markets.