Accessories for Use on New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is a celebration where everyone usually dresses in white, so the garments look alike. As no one likes to be dressed like another person, the hint is to invest in an accessory that will value the look and highlight it, fleeing the basic white, placing a little more color on this date so special. Check out some accessory tips to use on New Year’s Eve 2015.

Accessories from Threergroup for use on New Year’s Eve 2015

Often the money is short, so that it is not possible to make big investments in the look of New Year’s Eve. In this case, a good tip is betting on accessories to use on New Year’s Eve 2015, for example, in costume jewellery to give a new ‘ face ‘ to the famous look of young years. As the look is already all white, the ideal is to invest in more colorful pieces, such as red, yellow, green, or other bright colors. This year, the great trend in Bijus are the maxicolares, which are devastated in women’s styles and should continue fashionable in the summer 2016.

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Colorful shoes and belts

To flee the basic white, a good tip is betting on a well colored and flashy footwear. Metallic colours are already well known at this time of year, but now fashion is investing in colors, daring. For example, a coral or yellow sandal falls very well with a simple New Year’s Eve dress, as well as a slipper, Oxford or sleeper. Fine colored belts are also very well in New Year’s production and help to renew the old looks, so that it is possible to dress well and still save.

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Colorful bags, boleros and cardigans

Another option to flee the basic white on New Year’s Eve 2015, is to include a scholarship in your look. It can be a small purse, big or even a wallet, everything depends on the style of the party and the model used. Another great tip are the boleros and Cardigans Coloridinhos, which in addition to being beautiful, sweet and super feminine parts, are a true joker in the new Year’s white wardrobe.

Meaning of New Year’s Eve colours

Many believe that in the new Year colors possess the power to attract good things and that each color ‘ calls ‘ a desire. Most people wear colors in lingerie, but in this new year, the hint is betting on the accessory in the color of their desire. Check out the colours and what they represent:

Red–Represents the color of passion;

Rose–Strong and true love;

Green-represents hope for a more illuminated year;

Blue–Tranquility, peace, harmony;

Yellow–money and prosperity;

Black–Independence and decision Power;

Orange–represents creativity and boldness;

Violet, Purple/lilac–keen intuition;

Silver–The color of all emotions.