About Candles

Enjoyed pleasant moments by candlelight as long as possible, it is necessary for them to know too little. Candle is actually a simple light source, is used since ancient times and consists of a body of candle wick and optionally cup.

They have different shapes, sizes, materials, types, color variants like. They are used for various occasions. In humans create a pleasant atmosphere, they evoke the body and mind calm, comfort, relaxation, relaxation …..

As a flammable material used beeswax, paraffin wax, stearin, gel candle, tallow, palm wax …. Knot is made of textile material. Modern candles are equipped with a wick that can burn progressively, may thus periodically cuts the tape.

Why all the candles we use: they are various festive occasions, religious holidays, when Masses in churches, Advent tree decoration, like living torches, what cake candles, Halloween season, advent, and of course not forgetting the popular year-round tea candles. Candle overall creates a special social and intellectual atmosphere.

Very popular and high quality candles palm – are made from pure palm wax without further additives and admixtures. Wax is of plant origin, are thus suitable for allergy sufferers. They have a very soft and pleasant aroma and are characterized mainly long hořivostí. Produced in various colors, shapes and sizes.

Candles distinguish according to the production processes:

– Pressed – recognized by their grains in the cut candles

– Drawn – Desktop, tree nurseries, cake, conical – in cross section are evident rings

– Cast in a mold – frost

– Cast cup (glass, ceramic, plastic) – often flavored, for gel candles are used transparent glass, for oil composite plastic cup.

Principle of candles: wick absorbs combustible material from the candle body, which heat the candle melts and the surface of the wick is then vaporized combustible and burns or evaporates. It contains paraffin.

What is actually paraffin: a white crystalline mixture of higher saturated hydrocarbons (alkanes). Recovered on crystallization dewaxing oil or tar, or is produced by catalytic synthesis. Melting point ranges from 42 ° C (soft paraffin), 65 ° C (hard paraffin) and above. Candle is used paraffin oil content to 2%.

Most importantly, before you light the candle: lately, I see that customers complain about the quality of candles whatever funeral and decorative. I have for you a few important tips:

– The heavier candle, the better and longer burning

– In the summer I do not recommend using oil candles, they are useful when colder weather, otherwise leaking and badly burning. Conversely, in colder weather it is the best choice.

– If you buy a candle for a lot of “cheap money” you can not count on the fact that you will smell or burn for a long time, and it will take some extra quality.

And most important: always on any candle, which triggers, you must shorten the wick to a maximum length of 1 cm, more is even less!! Speaking lighting a candle, be sure to allow it to burn for several hours, then ensure even heat the candle and will burn well and will not begin to flow or drip. At the candlelight really true that cheap and lightweight (ie. When whipped) = poor, so it’s always worth a little candles to pay more, or at least ask the merchant what material is made ​​candle. The best quality and longest burning candles with excellent fine fragrances, candles palm, which I highly recommend you to try. “Flowers ticket” are trying to find a manufacturer of candles largely on the Czech market and their candles, they are absolutely amazing, at least according to our experience and the experience of our customers

I only wish you nice backlight summer-autumn evenings by the light of candles.