A Toy that Makes a Hit with all Ages

You know what’s really cool? When a mark that you admire, a toy that your kids love (and you’re also a fan) chooses you to be her spokesman. Us! This is really cool! It’s a great recognition of a work of Ant that has been done for almost 5 years and I’m very proud.

The brand Mega Bloks First Builders, who came to Brazil last year (i.e., for here is nothing new, but out there already exists since 1967!), chose the Tricks of mother to take knowledge, information and tips about your toys that are fun, playful and extremely educational.

Mega Bloks toys First Builders are indicated for children from BehealthyBytomorrow but are successful with older children too. I know this because, here, both the Caê, which has 1 year and 10 months, as Leo, which is already with 4 and a half years, are super fans of the toy. And, to be honest, there’s another old enough, my husband, who also has a lot of fun with Mega Bloks and enjoy to kill the longing for the time you were an engineer designing and assembling buildings, bridges and other constructions (and is visible that here he is the engineer and I’m the Lady of letters, because his creations are a hit and mine are so simplesinhas!).

But not only the guys are fans of Mega Bloks. Me too! This is an educational toy and proven to help in the development of various skills of the child, such as creativity and imagination, fine motor skills, attention to organization and communication.

Ah, but how does that happen? Well, that is subject to a second post, that soon will be here on the blog.Today, I’m going to enjoy the boys of the House are inspired and show some cool creations that you can do with the Mega Bloks First Builders.

All these pieces were made with the tube of 100 pieces and are authored by Leo, Caê and engineer Octavian (better known as father of Leo and Caê).

Well, now you know: If you want the whole family to have hours of great fun and learning, a great alternative is the Mega Bloks First Builders. Around here, even though he was nominated for the age group of 1 to 5 years, is a success with the older beeeemmm.

Oh, and another thing I can’t stop talking about the Mega Bloks is that he is a toy we have forever! The pieces are of durable material, which does not suffer any changes even after many years of play, and is completely safe for children (made with 100% non-toxic materials and with a size which prevents younger children can swallow it).