A Motorola Camouflaged Boasts of Snapdragon 835 Do Moto Z2 to The View of All?

Lenovo absorbed all the ranges that had Motorola at the time and also created some new along the way. It is the case of the Moto Z, who came to raise the bar of the Moto X and they became leaders in catalog to compete at the highest level with Samsung, LG, Sony and company rivals. The Moto Z line, also opted last year for modular phones and continues to promote them.

Not is so long so that touch to the Moto Z the first renewal, second if you have Moto Z Force that arrived months later to offer some additives. In the month of June we should have new batch of Moto Z in the market and now we have a terminal of the brand Boasting LTE connection speed. 1Gbps, in particular, the speed thanks to the Snapdragon 835 modem.

The deadlines for the processor

The Snapdragon 835 takes weeks still object of controversy, first with insinuations that Samsung had signed a contract with Qualcomm to enjoy it exclusively for a few months, then by the fact that the Korean giant orders were so high that the impact on the market would be the same as that of an exclusive. With Snapdragon 835 mobile phones will take to reach, issue of production.

Everything is adding up, as the fact that the factories of processors are having delays in producing chips 10 nanometers as the Snapdragon 835, or as its competitors Exynos 8895 or helium X 30. So everything seems to be fitting, and this Motorola that now boasts of LTE speed and processor It could reach the market in fair date to become the second generation of the Moto Z.

A Motorola with Snapdragon 835 camouflaged, with the date of renewal of the Moto Z supposedly fixed in June…

We must also note that the filtered telephone is hidden under a cover, and possibly with a shell that is not final. The only thing that is known for certain is his brain, a Snapdragon 835 which would become a direct rival of the G6 LG, Huawei P10, Sony Xperia XZ Premium and even the Samsung Galaxy S8 whose presentation we still hope this terminal.

The phone is being used to promote the capabilities of LTE Gigabit network, and for the moment he is knows nothing more than. Just that exists, that it is functional, and is candidate to reach the market in the coming months. June, for example. So it can be that we are witnessing to the first field tests of the Z2 bike, We will watch.