A Great Choice with Bluetooth

Going for a jog or playing sports while listening to music is one of the great pleasures of any athlete: it motivates you, helps you to concentrate and, above all, makes any training much more enjoyable.
When you’re looking for a sports headphone, you’re looking for more than good sound quality; You look for resistance, impermeability, even if it is only sweat;Ergonomics and comfort. Then there is the topic of “with or without cables”;That although in the subject of tastes there is nothing written, the truth is that the cables are all a nuisance and it is appreciated that the new advances have allowed to improve the Bluetooth connections according to phonejust.
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If you are looking for a good sports headphones, today we bring you an option with few complaints that since coming to the market a couple of years ago, has only gained fans and awards.

Do you want to be part of the #tuaniter revolution?
Plantronics BlackBeat Fit: No cables.Unlimited. Without excuses.

We can say that BlackBeat Fit has been one of the most prestigious sports headphones in recent years; In fact, they received the prize for innovation at CES 2015.
As you anticipated, it is a headphones without cables on ear that have Bluetooth connectivity v3.0. Perhaps we find here his only handicap, since most of the current devices already have Bluetooth connectivity v4.0, which can sometimes cause momentary loss of sound.
They have a totally flexible design , with a nice gummy feel,  and integrate controls to answer calls or play music.
On the right handset you have:
One button on and off
A button to answer and hang up the calls
LED light
And a microUSB port to load them
On the other hand, on the left handset, you have the playback controls. At first it will cost you a little to understand them, since the play and pause button also serves to pass the songs; And the volume, is the same both to raise it and to lower it.
BlackBeat Fit sports headphones are water resistant thanks to their IP57 certification ; Which proves that they can submerge up to 1 meter deep for a maximum of 30 minutes. In addition, they have an additional coating that makes them resistant to sweat .
As we said at the beginning, comfort is one of the main aspects that any athlete looks for in a headset: the important thing is to be able to forget that we wear headphones. These sports headphones offer superior stability and a comfortable grip that is also combined with the best sound quality characteristic of Plantronics. In addition, they have an open-end design, especially designed for runners, so you can hear the sounds around you.
Finally, note that they have an important autonomy of up to 8 hours of playback and fast charge : with 15 minutes of charging you get up to one hour of playback.

Blackbeat Fit: The Perfect Complement To Your Smartwatch

Perhaps one of the biggest discomforts of listening to music while we run or quantify our training is the fact that we have to carry our smartphone , no matter how perfect the bracelet we have bought. It is in this weakness where the smartwatch sector has seen its chance of becoming a successful wearable .
Today, the Samsung Gear S3 and Apple Watch Series 2, in their corresponding sports versions, may be two of the most complete smart watches you can find on the market. Its differentiating factor? They have integrated GPS.
This virtue, will allow us to measure our training without having to carry our smartphone on; At the same time we listen to music through the corresponding music app.
Although all you are looking for is relaxing listening to music while you play sports, your range of possibilities is much wider.