9 Tricks to Make Cell Phone Battery Last Longer

Despite some advances, do a battery last longer is still a challenge for the telephony industry

Your cell phone’s battery always ends when you no longer need? And when there is no electrical outlet nearby to load it? Your portable charger always let you down?

Reduce the screen lock and turn off bluetooth are two of the tips to make the battery render

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Despite some advances, do a battery last longer is still a challenge for the telephony industry.

While they search for solutions, we have assembled a series of quick adjustments you can make to your cell phone to make the yield more battery.

  1. adjust the screen brightness
    The brightness of the screen of your handset has a major impact on battery consumption. Decrease brightness and keep as low as possible, in a way that is comfortable for reading.

For this go to settings or >> settings screen or brightness, depending on the type of phone          you have.

You can also disable the option “automatic brightness”, since it can be optimized for a high         level of brightness.

  1. turn off the vibration mode
    Leave the phone on vibrate along with the chime or when it is in silent mode consumes a lot of battery. Is a useful function for those who do not want the cell phone ringing. But if you don’t need this, it is best to disable. For that, you need to go into settings and settings, and then click sound.
  2. reduce the time screen lock
    Much of the life of a battery is consumed with the use of the home screen. So, the less time your phone take to Dim the screen, plus it saves battery.

To check this go to Settings General automatic locking >> >>. Then select the shortest possible time.

  1. turn off the wi-fi connections and bluetooth
    Both functions are undermining any cell phone battery. If you are not using, disable one or both.

Remember that there’s no reason to walk around with wi-fi turned on. Both new models of Android like the iPhone have options to turn on/off both connections in start screen, causing you to not have to go to the settings menu.

  1. Deactivate the permanent location of the GPS
    This is another of the functions that consumes a lot of battery. But you can turn it off or restrict your usage.

For this go to >> Settings >> Location Privacy. On this screen, you can either disable the function or, depending on the mobile phone, select the apps that can use the service.

  1. reduce notifications
    Did you really have to know right away every time someone likes or comments on a post in your Facebook? If you think it is fundamental in your life, consider disabling the notifications of their social networks.

Keep in mind that notifications will go on the screen and thus spend battery.

To do this, go into settings or settings >> >> Notifications and your preference setting for each application.

  1. Don’t let applications running “in second plan”
    If it is enabled, this function allows applications to be updated when the phone is connected to a wi-fi network, for example.


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But to save energy, worth disable this function or at least for applications that do not need to      be upgraded all the time.

To change, go to General >> >> Update Configuration “in second plan”

Also remember to close your applications when you are not using them again.

  1. Check which of your applications are consuming more battery
    Both the Android as iPhone you can check what percentage of battery used by applications such as Skype, Facebook and Whatsapp.

Thus, it becomes easier to decide if it is worth leaving them open or closed.

On the iPhone, go to General >> >> Configuration Use >> battery use. In Android, the path is >> battery >> Administration Settings battery usage.

  1. If you have an Android, activate the power-saving mode
    You can enable this function to extend battery life when you are convenient.

For this go to >> battery Administration Settings. On some models, you can choose up to three different types of economy, which combine several tricks mentioned in this text. Click mobile devices.

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