8 Ideas to Reuse Plastic Bottles

Discover ideas for reusing plastic bottles so useful, creative, didactic and friend of the environment.

Plastic Bottles

Have you thought about protecting the environment and still take advantage of an object whose fate would be. Believe me, we all win if we take these ideas to reuse plastic bottles.

Plastic bottles are not biodegradable, which means that it will take many, many years to decompose in landfills or in nature.

At sea, for example, the plastic bottles are among the most common sources of marine debris and may be mistaken for food by birds and fish, with the damage that this entails for the fauna and the flora.

So, for our good and the environment, save money, have fun and create something different to take advantage of the following ideas to reuse plastic bottles so useful, creative and didactic.

Good ideas to reuse plastic bottles

1. Build a garden or a vertical garden

Here’s a really cool and useful idea. If you have a little space, you can create a garden or Orchard, for example, aromatic herbs, reusing plastic bottles. Here are other photos with ideas to create vertical gardens.

This is an activity that works great also when carried out with children, who can help not only in the creation of a garden or vertical garden, but also on your maintenance and watch the growth of plants. Also promotes early greater ecological awareness.

2. Do original lamps

Many are the possibilities of building lamps and chandeliers as well, as you can see in countless photographs over the internet. Do a search and see the vastness of possibilities to reuse plastic bottles.

3. Decorate the garden walls or walls of houses with lids

As if they were pieces of legos, the bottle caps of various colors allow you to create patterns to decorate and line the walls of the garden or yard or walls of houses. Give wings to your artistry and create, for example, tables, games, walkways and carpets, etc.

4. Have fun vases

Once again, a very playful activity to develop with children which implies, for example, to draw a favorite animal, cut, paint, decorate and sowing or planting, using bottles or plastic bottles.

5. Feed birds

Now here is a really cool idea and friend to the animals. Area of the city where he lives, in the garden or backyard, can create ways to feed birds. Just to reuse plastic bottles and spoons (, for example).

6. Provide light to the House

This strategy is used in some countries to light homes. Simply with one-liter water bottles, a little bleach (to keep the water clean) and water can be a source of light.

Opens a hole in the roof of the House, fixing the bottle in the hole and creates a source of illumination that can last up to five years. If you do a search, you will find various solidarity projects that use this strategy.

7. Create pieces of decoration and design

With the bottom of plastic bottles, build the most diverse decoration pieces with different design: lamps, curtains, necklaces, vanity tables, among many others.

8. Build toys and games

Once more, imagination and creativity, you can build yourself toys and games with plastic bottles of different colors, as well as through the use of caps and other materials.

Finally, don’t forget that you can gather and deliver the caps of plastic bottles that uses for campaigns that run through the country in order.

As you can see, there are advantages to different levels when you decide to reuse plastic bottles.