7 Tips to Pack

Tickets, travel guide, camera and sunglasses! There’s only one tiny little detail missing: Packing! or the backpack. We spoke with specialist, among them, important European travelers, we did market studies, analyzed graphs and, ultimately, we managed to create a complete guide with the most important advice and tips to prepare your suitcase (or backpack). We started

  1. Socks inside shoes and clothes well rolled

All spaces must be seized. For example, use the inside of the shoes to store socks or other accessories. In the art of packing, it is also important to fold (well) clothing, curling it so that it occupies the smallest possible space. Fasten your seat belts around the collar of the shirts. Leave the smallest things to the end (tops, handkerchiefs, belts) and in the end, arrange them in all the free spaces and existing corners of your suitcase. Deep down, it’s like getting over one more level of Tetris.

  1. Boxes and Cartons

To keep your jewelry/jewellery, use small containers. The same to take with the shampoo or the softener. If you’re traveling for a weekend or a getaway, you don’t need to take the whole vials, right? Nowadays it is also easy to find various miniature hygiene products, enjoy them. The same with the makeup or perfume.

  1. Intelligent choices

Make smart choices when choosing clothes. It’s really worth taking those trousers, which only look good with those shoes; Instead of opting for basic jeans that can perfectly combine with the usual sneakers? Opt for basic parts, which combine easily and with which you feel nice bulding.

Jeans are always a good idea, as well as practical shoes and, in the case of ladies, a leggins, which can easily wear with a dress or other parts.

  1. Fabrics also have secrets

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Although more “fat”, the wool clothing is not fuss. such as wool, also cotton, linen and silk are natural fibers, i.e., allow the body to “breathe” better and the (bad) smells do not ingrains, since these tissues are immune to bad odors. Polyester, viscose or nylon clothing has the advantage of not getting crumpled in the suitcase. Another advantage is that they dry faster, preventing them from having to wear moist clothing in the trunk. For the end, leave the clothing in silk or satin, as both have greater ease to engelharem.

  1. Horizontal vs Vertical

When packing the suitcase or backpack, choose to place the items horizontally. This tip is mostly useful for traveling with backpack. Putting everything horizontal is a way to optimize space well, avoiding the voids or misuse of space. At the time of packing, start with the jeans, thick coats or other heavier parts. Put them first, in the bottom of the suitcase, thereby creating a base. The same for backpackers: if you travel backpacking, start with the heaviest and bulky things. Wrap them well and put them in the bottom, horizontally.

  1. Always by hand

Prepare a kit with everything that is most important to you: a book or a magazine; the camera; The mobile phone charger; A Mini-conjunto of hygiene (toothbrush and toothpaste, deodorant,…); The plane ticket, as well as passport and other important documents and credit cards, etc. Think of those essential objects and keep them handy! Besides practical, you never know what can happen on a trip (hit the wood), but every day there are flights in Europe that are delayed, suitcases that are lost and nothing better than always being warned, don’t you agree?

  1. Always leave a “small space”

Do not fill the suitcase completely and always leave a space reserved for possible purchases and “Recuerdos” that you want to bring from your trip.

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