7 Short-Sleeved Shirts to Enjoy the Summer with Style

The shirts are a great solution for heat, but a nice shirt always earn additional points for your style. In the summer the men’s short-sleeved shirts become indispensable to anyone who wants to ride a visual and modern, as are the ideal balance between stripped and the bold, though not suitable for formal work environment and to more serious events.

Short-Sleeved Shirts

Below we give a few options of short-sleeved shirts to buy at mensshirtsshop.com, but if you want to have an idea of the possible combinations for this piece, read this article:

1-Men’s Short-Sleeved Shirt With Jeans

This is a good choice for those who want something easy to use and that is in danger of not being out of fashion in a few years. In addition to combine well with pants also in denim, can be used with a mustard, brown pants or military green with a very good result, the same goes for Bermuda.

2-Men’s Short-Sleeved Shirt With Checkered Print

Classic, clean and discreet, it allows for overlap with a basic t-shirt, but can be used solo, without problems. Chess/checkerboard style window pane gives a spice to play without making it loud, a good option for those looking for a simple shirt other than lisa. Combine with jeans in moments of leisure or a chino pants at work.

3-Men’s Short-Sleeved Shirt With Floral Print

The floral prints, as well as the standards with inspiration in Botany, gained the spotlight this summer, even suffering prejudice of some men. This type of pattern is laid back and works fine in the heat, but is overly casual, so should be left for moments of leisure. The combination with bermuda jeans and white sneakers or a dockside is simple and functional, try!

4-Men’s Shirt Short-Sleeved Basic White

Sometimes there’s no point inventing, what you need is a white shirt, basic, lightweight and versatile. To ward off the heat even more by the sea combine with raw linen shorts, a Panama-style hat and a slip on shoes or a stylish leather sandals.

5-Men’s Short-Sleeved Shirt Navy

The marine gives a touch of seriousness that takes this piece a nice ballad or casual work, but aligned. How about something more elaborate? Combine with light grey tailoring trousers for the day or for a night drive, add a classic clock and classudos accessories for a super stylish look!

6-Men’s Shirt Short Sleeves Emblazoned

Lacoste shirt that shows how a strong color can create a visual landmark. The pattern has young and casual style that combines very well with denim, chino or even a jogger sweatshirt, in the latter case bet on a simple leather sneakers or casual shoes with brogues

7-Men’s Short-Sleeved Shirt, Linen With Vichy Chess

A wonderful choice for the summer! The vichy chess combines with the season like no other, Furthermore, the lightness of natural linen fiber will ensure that the heat doesn’t bother you. The neutral color allows you to combine with everything from a pair of color to a classic jeans, but let’s not forget twill bermuda or tailoring, just hold the wave if the play has a very large print, the combo can be heavily polluted.

Latest Tips

Remember that although more aligned to a shirt, short-sleeved shirt is more casual than the traditional shirt and should be used with caution in certain environments, especially if you have very showy prints. The fit looser is indicated for beach and other places where nature predominates, the trim slim fit works well in the city and in sites that ask for a slightly more sophisticated clothing, in that case try to keep up with a casual shoe with nice finish and sophisticated accessories like a leather bracelet watch, for example.