7 Jeans Combinations With Jeans to Tear You Apart

See tips on how to assemble total gorgeous and comfortable jeans looks.

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As everyone should already be tired of knowing, jeans is the most democratic and easy to match wardrobe fabric, goes with everything from flat pieces to prints, to fine and casual fabrics. It looks beautiful. But is wearing a full jeans look cool? Yes, it is. Look at the 7 combinations of jeans and jeans to tear you apart.

The overall jeans look is quite usual and everyone can wear it. The woman who chooses to make this combination wants to pass on some characteristics of her personality. She is a free woman, relaxed but at the same time has a style that expresses her personality and is not afraid of the opinions of others, a woman confident of herself.

How To Wear Jeans With Jeans

The tip here is to be creative when it comes to pairing jeans with jeans so the look is not monotonous. Try to wear various shades of jeans. And if the tone is the same, vary in textures and washes.

Accessories: Accessories are the great allies to break the monotony of the look.Belt or colored shoes; A more sophisticated necklace, hat or scarf are good combinations. For colder days, wrap in a leather jacket over the denim shirt.

Who can wear: every woman can create total jeans looks. The choice of combination will depend on the woman’s preferences and style.

Wash: Acid wash, which left some of the fabric stained in white, interferes with the assembly of the look, since it will be necessary to look for pieces that combine with the washing of the jeans.

Break the monotony: besides the washes and accessories, another good tip is to use pieces that have some details like tacks, laces, designs and applications, which ends up giving a personalized in the piece jeans.

Tips For Combining Total Jeans Look

Below are three most basic combinations of total jeans:

Pants and women’s jeans: Besides the tip of varying colors and washes, also bet on a very colorful belt and who is up to date with the scale, can tie the shirt in front instead of putting it inside the pants.

Skirt and shirt: skirt and jeans shirt is a feminine and jovial look. The midi jeans skirts are high and can form very interesting combinations that can be used in more formal events, for example.

Shorts and shirt: Wear a shirt with lighter fabric than that of the shorts. You can still leave the shirt open and underneath to put a regata or tie the shirt in front. Abuse of the combination to informal places such as shopping malls.

7 Jeans Combinations With Jeans To Tear You Apart

Destined jeans with the bar folded with light jeans shirt, heeled sandals and colored pouch.

Dark flare jeans with tank top and open denim shirt lighter in color than pants.

Skinny jeans with tight jeans, colored sneakers and waist-length jeans.Complete with colored pouch and sunglasses.

Midi jeans skirt with long sleeve jeans shirt with shoulder detail and inside skirt, scarpin and animal print pouch.

Short jeans with extra jeans, maxi paste, maxi bag and sneaker.

Bermuda jeans with the folded bar, women’s jeans shirt , sneakers (or Oxford), wristbands and colored bag.

Wear jeans with short jeans, colored t-shirt and ankle boot.

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