60 EVA Craft Models to Inspire Your Production

EVA is one of the materials most used by people who work with crafts. With it, it is possible to produce different pieces and objects that can be used in the decoration of rooms of the house like the kitchen and the room, for example. In addition, party gifts and souvenirs are also produced with EVA.

This material is an inexpensive, easy to find item and simple to work with. Therefore, many people are dedicated to the production of crafts with EVA, creating objects for personal use and also for sale.

Normally, simple items such as ruler, scissors and glue are used for the production of EVA crafts, which means that labor costs are not high and do not require the handling of more complex materials, making the technique accessible to a larger number of people. However, it takes a lot of creativity and dedication to this activity.

It is possible to produce several pieces with EVA, such as artificial flowers, picture frames, refrigerator magnets, notebooks and page markers, as well as items to hang on the wall and use in the decoration. See below a list with different objects produced in EVA to use of inspiration from bestcraftbloG.

1. Bears for decoration

These teddy bears are made entirely of EVA and can be used decoratively in children’s bedrooms or also as ornaments on the Christmas tree when the time of year arrives. They are soft and delicate pieces and therefore collaborate for a cozy atmosphere.

2. Bunnies for Easter

You can be inspired by the picture above to create your own Easter bunnies and decorate your home for that commemorative date. They can serve to store the chocolate eggs and bring joy to the time the children find them.

3. Metal clips decorated with EVA

Using simple shapes of stars and hearts, you can give a new and fun face to the metal clips that are so useful in our day to day. Just cut the EVA in the desired shape and size and glue it with hot glue on the clip.

4. Welcome card

With EVA, it is possible to produce welcome signs for visits that appear in your home, such as the above plate that says “home sweet home” and can be hung on doors or walls of common environments. Other plaques can also be produced for the bedrooms of each resident of the house.

5. School notebook

Maria Fernanda’s notebook was all repaginated with EVA and, in this way, she became a personalized and unique model, since no one will have a notebook that is the same as hers, and reflects the personality and tastes of the owner.

6. Pencils decorated with EVA

The tips of these pencils are made of EVA and are shaped like ladybugs. They served to decorate a material that was super simple and without decoration, making it cheerful and personalized. You can make these pieces for personal use or also to offer children’s party favors.

7. EVA Super Heroes

EVA is also used to make little dolls for kids to have fun or just to be used for decoration. These models were based on the superheroes Batman, Spiderman, Superman, Hulk and Captain America and can serve as inspirations for you to make dolls for your children.

8. EVA Pokémon

With the release of the interactive Pokémon game last year, this franchise has returned to the limelight, so if your son or daughter really likes the game or the drawing, you can make these Pokémon inspired dolls to decorate your room.

9. Letters made of EVA

You can decorate your son or daughter’s room with EVA letters by writing the child’s name, as in the picture above, or by writing a sentence or message. Choose colors that match the décor of the room.

10. Preachers decorated with EVA

It is possible to decorate your clothes preachers with EVA, turning them into fun and creative objects. To create the pieces above, the craftsman made owls, kitties and colorful birds using EVA and colored glue to decorate.

11. EVA pot

Use EVA to make a pot that will store sweets, cookies, or even other objects and materials. The idea of ​​the image above is complex to reproduce, so watch out for details if you decide to use it for inspiration and create a huge cupcake-shaped EVA pot.

12. Disney characters from EVA

Another idea for decoration dolls is to make Disney characters with EVA. Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy and Pluto were made with super bright and colorful EVA sheets and collaborate for a cheerful environment.

13. EVA table weight

If you are organizing a birthday party, you can take inspiration from the picture above to make the table weights for your event using EVA. In this model, it was used white and pink EVA to produce the pieces and colored glue to make the crown, decorating the object.

14. Trunk in basket format

Sheets of white and red EVA were used to create these baskets that can be used as trunk holders. They are a good choice to give of souvenirs at special dates or at birthday parties. It is a simple, cute and useful piece.

15. Candy holder for souvenirs

Use your creativity and dedication to produce these EVA pieces that are used as door candies. You can create them to give as a birthday gift or children’s baptism, spending little and still producing fun and cute objects.

16. EVA cup

This cup was produced with red and black EVA and can be a great choice to give of souvenirs in bridal showers or even on birthdays depending on the theme of the party. It can also be made with other colors according to your tastes and preferences.

17. Christmas ornaments

It is possible to create Christmas ornaments using EVA, as in the image above. These ornaments can be hung on the wall, the door or the Christmas trees, contributing to a thematic and Christmas atmosphere.

18. Pencil tips for Batman and Wonder Woman

Another model of pencil tips and pens for you to get inspired. Super simple Batman and Wonder Woman tips with EVA were created to decorate and bring personality to those pencils that until then were just black pencils.

19. EVA Flower Petals

There are different models of flowers made with EVA, they are pieces very produced by the craftsmen and much used as decorative objects. In this image, the petals were produced with the material, while the leaves are made of plastic.

20. Teddy Bear Keychain

You can use EVA to produce different locksmith models. This model takes the form of a teddy bear and was made using EVA beige to create the teddy bear’s body and small pieces of blue, red and white EVA to make the details.

21. Garland made of EVA

The garlands are very common embellishments and gifts in the Christmas season and you can create your using EVA as in the picture above. With white, red, green and beige EVA sheets you can reproduce this piece or create a different and new model.

22. Vase of flowers made with EVA

This is another model of flower petals made with EVA. You can use a vase like this to decorate your dining room or center table, as well as your dresser or bookshelf. The flowers are beautiful pieces for decoration and the advantage of making them is that they do not need care as the natural flowers.

23. Memory Game

You can use this inspirational image to produce an all-EVA memory game. Use creativity to create the designs that will be in the cards: numbers, flowers, animals, hearts and stars are some easy to create EVA ideas.

24. Trellis for Minions souvenir

Collect pots of milk or chocolate powder to coat them with EVA and give of souvenirs on children’s birthdays. The subject of this model was the film “My Favorite Malicious” and the artisan used the EVA to cover the pots by drawing inspiration from the characters of the film.

25. Vase made of EVA flowers

This vase of flowers had all its parts made with EVA: flowers, leaves and vase. It is a piece that can serve as decoration for your home or can be made as a Mother’s Day or birthday gift for a loved one.

26. Little house with bonbon

This little box shaped candy can be given as souvenirs on various occasions such as birthdays, weddings or even as a Christmas gift for someone special. This craft can be made with different colors and themes.

27. Teddy bear door

Another bonbon door idea is this teddy bear made of EVA. You should make the teddy bear’s face and the bonbon holder simple, while the little body should have an open space to fit the bonbon. You can make this bonbon door with other pets or themes.

28. Mickey’s pen holder

The EVA was used, in that piece, to coat and decorate a simple pot that became a pencil holder and pens super useful and different. It’s an easy to play piece, you’ll only need black EVA to make the first coat, red for the partial coat and yellow for the details.

29. Characters of “Beauty and the Beast” of EVA

In this inspiration, we have four important characters from the movie “Beauty and the Beast” made with EVA. This movie has always had a lot of popularity, but it is increasing with the release of the new version, so you can make these pieces and give a child next to the animation.

30. Liquid soap holder

In the image above, EVA was used to create stands for liquid soap jars. Colored leaves of EVA enable the creation of flower petals and green leaves transform into the leaves of these plants. This piece serves to decorate and bring a cheerful look to the bathrooms.

31. EVA sheet holder

Produce an EVA sheet or door to save notes or important documents. This model was made inspired by ladybugs, but you can choose what colors you want for your door leaves and also what a beautiful way to decorate it according to your taste.

32. EVA keyring

EVA is a very useful material for making handmade key rings. The above model was made in lipstick form using black, white and red EVA bits, but you can use your creativity and your ideas to produce other keyring models.

33. Clock decorated with EVA

Use EVA to decorate the clock of your house as in the picture above. Leaves of red, brown and white EVA were used to create this little flower around the clock. Watch numbers indicate the hours and white numbers made of EVA help indicate the minutes.

34. Mouse pad of owl

Another cool idea is to produce your own mouse pad using EVA. This object is necessary for the operation of the mouse of your computer and in producing the piece you can do it according to your tastes and preferences, creating an object that has its personality.

35. EVA light mirror

The artisan responsible for this piece used EVA(and also their creativity) to create a super cute and cute ladybug light mirror to decorate the sockets of children’s bedrooms, for example. This piece transforms an object that is normally simple and without decoration into a different and personalized object.

36. Strawberry mouse pad

Another mouse pad template for you to use as inspiration when creating your own. For this piece, only one sheet of red EVA and one of green EVA, permanent pen and glue was used: simple and easy to make.

37. EVA Bins

It is possible to produce EVA crates that can be used for the decoration of some room as well as to store certain objects that you have at home. Take advantage also to choose how to decorate these crates: in the image above they were decorated with animals also made of EVA.

38. EVA portrait door

You can produce super cute EVA picture frames. These items are very present pieces in the decoration of homes and offices and using your creativity and EVA you can create door frames of several different models. The above model can be a gift for parents or can be used in the decoration of rooms.

39. Gift for parents

There are many choices of keyrings made of EVA, but this one is perfect for gifting your father on Father’s Day or on his birthday. Do not forget to drill a hole in the top of the key chain to put the chain, as in the picture.

40. School calendar

EVA can be used to create school calendars or even calendars to decorate your home and indicate which day of the month and week we are in. The days and months are all arranged on this EVA sheet and the moving flowers serve to indicate the information of the day.

41. EVA case

It is possible to make an EVA case to store school supplies such as pencils, pens and erasers, or even to save makeup. This piece requires a little more practice, since it is a complex piece of produce.

42. EVA agenda door

This item is a calendar port and was made entirely of EVA, but can be used to store other things such as important documents and papers according to your need. You can create your calendar door with the EVA colors you prefer.

43. Pots decorated with EVA

EVA is also often used to decorate pots for the kitchen. He can give a new face to these objects and leave them with a more cheerful and fun. Pots can be used to store cookies, toast, stuffed biscuits and other foods.

44. Fake cake for decoration

Do you know those wonderful cakes you see decorating birthday tables? Most often they are fake cakes and are often made with EVA. The above model is inspired by the Minnie character and is perfect for children’s birthdays.

45. EVA bag

This bag was made and decorated using different EVA sheets, mixing colors and prints and, in this way, became a fun and creative piece. This bag can be used to store school supplies or other objects.

46. ​​EVA note pad

This notepad that once was simple and common gained a new face when having its cover decorated with EVA. To decorate your notepad it is necessary to cut a sheet of EVA exactly the size of the cover, make the holes for the wire and paste. Then use creativity to decorate.

47. Wedding souvenir

EVA is a material widely used to make souvenirs in general. In this image, romantic souvenirs were created for marriage or wedding anniversary. These cherries are used to store a bonbon, a truffle or a well-married, for example.

48. Graduation Remembrance

Use the EVA to make a graduation souvenir as in the picture above, creating a picture frame to put the photo of the graduate and also a diploma and a graduation hat so that the graduate can always keep of remembrance and remember an important moment in his life .

49. Souvenir of christening

EVA was used in this play to create a souvenir of infant baptism. He appears in two moments, first coating the vase that supports the souvenir and then supporting the paper that carries the message of remembrance.

50. Room decoration with EVA

In the image above, the EVA was used to coat and decorate some pieces of decoration for children’s room. The craftsman transformed white and simple objects into fun, cheerful and alive pieces, bringing personality to the room.

51. EVA musical instruments

If you like music a lot, it is possible to make musical instruments for decoration using EVA, such as the above battery. This piece required a lot of creativity to be produced, as well as a lot of attention to detail.

52. Notebook decorated with EVA

Buy a simple notebook and leave it sophisticated using EVA to decorate it. To produce this part you will need to coat the notebook cover with EVA and drill the material in the required places. The above model was decorated with pearls, ribbons and shine besides the EVA.

53. EVA Page Marker

You can easily produce a bookmark using only EVA. This model, in the shape of a little bee, is a bit more complex to reproduce, but there are simpler models. Use creativity to create beautiful and fun markers.

54. EVA fast food at the tip of the pen

The pen tips shown above were made of EVA in the form of hamburger and fries and made these school supplies a lot more fun. To make the hamburger bread, a styrofoam was used, while the other parts were totally made using EVA.

55. Calendar made of EVA

This is a very useful and fun option to do with EVA, but it requires care and dedication because it is not so simple to reproduce due to the details that the calendar has. He has blue pieces that move indicating day and month, as well as little animals decorating the piece.

56. Christmas portrait door

Making EVA picture frames is one of the main ideas for those who work with crafts, since they are very sought after parts that are part of the decoration of the vast majority of houses. The above model is special for the Christmas season, but you can use your creativity to make other models.

57. EVA pens and trunk holders

This piece is perfect for holding pencils, pens and other small objects. It can be made to give away on the day of the parents, for example, or on the anniversary of an important person. In order to reproduce this door, it takes patience and care since the details make all the difference in the final result.

58. Ceiling decoration with EVA

The above object can be used only as a ceiling ornament or as a decoration for a spot of light on the ceiling. It is perfect for decorating parties and events, leaving the atmosphere cheerful and with personality.

59. Scrap support

It is possible to produce parts that function as a scrap carrier using EVA. This object can be hung on doors, walls and even on refrigerators if you decide to stick a magnet on the back of the holder and it is a key object for keeping notes and important notices.

60. Little Booties of Souvenirs

These slippers are very delicate, as well as being a great option to make as a souvenir of children’s or baptismal birthdays. Decoration linings were used to make the laces and flowers of the items.

10 tutorials for you to do EVA crafts at home

If you already work with crafts, the inspirations shown above may be enough to help you in production, but if you are a beginner, having someone explain the step-by-step of a few pieces ensures a better result for your work. Check out some video tutorials that will help you produce amazing EVA items.

1. Decoration EVA Roses

Learn how to make EVA roses that can be used to decorate boxes, vases or some other object of your choice. You will need only one green EVA sheet, one EVA sheet in the color you choose for the petals and instant glue.

2. EVA picture frame

For this tutorial, choose the photo you want to put on the picture frame and use your measurements to produce an EVA picture frame. You will need pencils, scissors and hot glue. The model is simple, but you can decorate as you prefer, using, for example, flowers, hearts and stars also in EVA.

3. Pencil holder in the form of sneakers made of EVA

You will need EVA in the colors you prefer, scissors, instant glue, stylus, satin ribbon, permanent pen, styrofoam ball, iron and molds made available in the video description to produce that fun and cheerful pencil shaped door sneakers.

4. Heart shaped box made with EVA

Learn how to make beautiful heart shaped boxes using EVA and fabric. You can use these boxes to decorate your home or also to give away to someone dear on a special date. In addition to glue, scissors and EVA, you will need ribbons, fabric and a piece of plastic.

5. EVA lipstick holder

The materials used to make this lipstick door are fabric, ruler, scissors, pencils, hot glue, a cap and EVA. This tutorial is simple to play and you can set the measurements you want for your lipstick door according to your need.

6. Toilet paper made of EVA

Learn how to make a nice, cute and very useful toilet paper holder using EVA, cardboard, tampon, hot glue, scissors and ruler. In this toilet paper holder, three rolls of paper fit, but if you find it necessary you can change some measurements and make an even larger toilet paper holder.

7. EVA mobile

This mobile is super stylish and modern and is ideal to put in rooms or rooms. And although it sounds complex, it’s super simple to do. You will need, in addition to the EVA, ruler, pencil, stylus, piece of nylon, hot glue and universal glue and beads.

8. Frames and EVA frames for decoration

With frame moldings and frames, you can make these pieces of different designs and sizes using only EVA, pencil and scissors. The colors of the EVA can be chosen according to your preference and the pieces can be used mainly to decorate rooms.

9. Brick wall with EVA

You can give a whole new face to a wall of your home using only EVA, ruler, pencil, glue and stylus. In this tutorial, you will learn how to make a wall that mimics white boulders.

10. EVA egg holder

Learn how to make a door egg with super fun and cute EVA that will be very useful in your kitchen. The required materials are cardboard, ruler, white paint, crepe tape, hot glue, silicone glue, scissors, permanent pen, crayons and EVA.

21 molds of crafts in EVA to download

Having a printed template to check sizes and measures helps a lot when producing your EVA piece. With the molds, you just need to define which EVA models and colors you need and have scissors and hot glue in your hands to get your production started. We then separate 21 craft molds for you to download and print at home.

1. Ice cream cone mold

2. Plane mold

3. Combined Hearts Mold

4. Mold of apple

5. Kitten mold

6. Cart mold

7. Mold of sun

8. Teddy Bear Mold

9. Butterfly Mold

10. Boat mold

11. Mold of water sap and plant

12. Cast of stars

13. Baby Stroller Mold

14. Moon mold

15. Sheet molding

16. Flower mold

17. Ladybug Mold

18. Individual Hearts Mold

19. Mold of tulips

20. Pig mold

21. Tractor mold

If the mold of the part you want to produce is not listed above, other models can be easily found on the internet.

Use your creativity to produce incredible EVA pieces that can be used to decorate the rooms of your home, serve as party favors and events, or even to complement your study material or day-to-day work.