6 Tips For Male With Overlapping Racing Looks For Shirts

Who do you think the tank top is a most appropriate piece the beach can make use of the overlay with a shirt so that the piece be with a more urban footprint. Totally casual, these looks with that kind of shirt fit well in the climate in the summer and in the style of the Brazilian man, always laid back and looking for comfort. Here are some suggestions of how to use the combined tank top with a casual shirt:

1-Tank Top With Plaid Shirt And Jeans

The composition is good for half a season, but with a simple folded sleeves or long sleeve shirt replacement by another with the short sleeves and it can be used in summer temperatures. The choice of colours emphasizes the contrast between the Orange and the blue tones, keeping this contrast even in footwear. Accessories invest in a cool style with sporty and modern touch.

Tip-if overheat tie waist shirt!

2-Tank Top With Short Sleeves Shirt In Military-Inspired Look

Working with colors such as olive green, moss green, Brown and khaki inevitably lead us to a military inspired look. Here we have a cargo pants with pockets flat (not to add too much bulk to the skyline) a green tank top and complementing, other elements aligned with the proposal’s look like the heavy boots, canvas belt and the large box steel watch, besides, of course, the glasses Aviator type. Not to give the impression that you just got out of the barracks is always nice to add a piece to break a little all this militarism, in this case, the short-sleeved Plaid Shirt.

Hint–if the temperature does not allow heavy footwear, swap with a canvas sneaker black, green or brown.

3/4–Tank Top Superimposed By Casual Shirt In Look With Bermuda

Here we have the same tank top harnessed to two looks, both invest in blue jeans, a shirt, another in bermuda, as well as repeat beige in different tones and different parts. The footwear meet who likes something else or more urban nautical, allowing even an exchange between the looks, since both are neutral. Casual accessories still give room for a nice bracelet or a hat to protect in the days of intense sun.

Tip-(combo on the left) the jeans is too heavy for the shirt in this kind of look, prefer the chambré, which is very similar to denim; (combo on the right) and light cotton linen shirts are the best choice to not pass heat.

5/6-Basic Look With Tank Top And White Shirt Paired With Pants Color

These two options are for those who like color, but don’t want to waste time with very complicated combinations. The regatta and the white shirt are neutral and allow the combination with any color of pants, dark chino jeans colored, so just pick the color that most pleases and coordinate it with Add-ons in the same color, but in different shades.

Tip-like visual is simple Valley increment it with a stylish watch bracelets and rings, but without exaggeration.

Final Tip

Remember that the fun here is in the tank, so the shirt has to be always open, showing the combination and emphasizing the style chosen by you.