5 Tips to Make the Most of the Kitchen “Hallway”

It’s become fashionable for the kitchen to look like a corridor rather than a real kitchen, is not it? So how do you get the most out of this situation?

1) As I said on the Kitchen decoration guide page, this is a working environment. Therefore, it should be organized to be as functional as possible, following the so – called “Working Triangle” (which in this case we will call the “line of work” due to the space) which is the sequence COOLER-PIA-COOKER. As well?

These 2 kitchens follow the sequence: First, as close to the kitchen entrance as possible, the REFRIGERATOR (for quick access of all without disturbing those who work). Then the PIA and then the COOKER. It is very important that there is a bench (as in the first photo) on the two sides of the sink, to support the food coming from the refrigerator and the pots coming out of the stove. This makes your life easier.

If this distribution is not possible, try not to have the stove next to the refrigerator at least (hot near cold, disrupts the operation of the 2!).

2) Use walls with overhead cabinets, hooks, wall drainer or built-in cabinets in the upper cabinets, anyway, use the walls! And note that the top cabinets are narrower than the lower cabinets, especially if there is a cupboard above the sink (do you want to bang your forehead in the cupboard when you are washing the dishes?). Also, check if you even need the cabinets to go to the ceiling – especially if it’s high-do you have so much that you do not use every day worth the investment?

3) Does the kitchen receive little natural light? Use plenty of light color and let the color stronger and/or darker for the details. The kitchen will look bigger and will not be darkened and you will spend less energy. If possible, place a mirror that reflects light from another environment.

4) If you want to divide the kitchen service area, do as below: Use translucent materials so that window light reaches the kitchen and does not bring the partition up to the ceiling, to maintain air circulation.

5) But it does not matter that light colors do not illuminate dark environment. What lights are bright, well-chosen and well-placed lighting: Fluorescent lamps with white or yellow light in the general illumination and yellow light on the task (the lamps you must underneath the top cabinets and, if any, on the countertop The fluorescents make less shade and the yellow lights show the colors better.