5 Things That Always Do Women with Good Style

Can you learn good style?
How to get the best out of himself!

Regularly: Clean Cabinet

A closet full of parts that we never carry is not only a space predator, but also stressful. Sort out the parts that you a year do not have worn. Sell the clothing at dress circle in the second hand or give them to a non-profit organization.

1 color set

Even if you are not a fan of too much colour, you should not completely leave out. Cheerful shades such as salmon, turquoise and lime differ from the soup of grey & co and make you shine. Wear at least an accent color, and if it is only the red lipstick.

2. mix

Nothing is more boring than catwalk – or Zara outfits from head to toe. Style icons make her look individually, asserting it was her outfits by personal pieces, it upgrade the art deco necklace from the flea market or the inherited Medallion by the OMA.

3. iron

It makes a really big difference whether shirts, pants, shirts and even Cashmerepullover are ironed or not. Tip: If you have no time to rebuild the entire bracket outfit can hang the shrunken head in the bathroom. While running the hot water for 10 minutes, the steam acts as a professional steamer.

4. quality not quantity

Sometimes the temptation is great to create is the fourth blue sweater under 30 euro of a large chain. This enthusiasm keeps but usually only briefly. A spoiled and shrunken part that frustrated shows no later than after the first wash. So better invest in a few high-quality classic, accompany you long in life.

5. good shoes

Invest in great shoes and well processed leather bags. These two accessories are basics for a good looks and should never cheap. Even a simple jeans and shirt or boring business look can be upgraded so wonderfully.