5 Sports Chronographs Under 10,000 Euro

Chronographs with scale from Chopard, Longines, Tag Heuer & Co.

A sports chronograph does not have to be prohibitively expensive: The following article shows 5 selected models with picture, data and price. The watches shown are suitable with their stop function as sports watches, a scale underlines this nature. Because thanks to her, the wearer of the chronograph can not only stop times, but also measure speeds. The speed of a car (in miles or kilometers) is measured by stopping time while driving through a certain distance. Then the second hand on the scale indicates the corresponding speed. The Watch magazine 1.2015 offers a market overview of 96 watches with scale, we now present five sports chronographs at Cheeroutdoor.com.

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Sport-Chronograph #1: Chopard Grand Prix de Monaco Historique Chrono

Chopard has been supporting the Oldtimer Race Grand Prix de Monaco Historique since 2002 as official timekeeper. Of course there is also the right watch for the car race. Yellow accents give the Grand Prix de Monaco Historique Chrono a dynamic look. The 44.5 mm titanium casing creates enough space on the dial for all displays. In this way, the Automakkaliber eta a 07.111, working in the interior, also coordinates the CHRONOGRAPHENBETRIEB in addition to the time display with a small second. Here all the pointers are yellow, so that good legibility is guaranteed. The racing chronograph costs with leather band 6,690 euro, with steel strip 8,170 euro

Sports Chronograph #2: Longines Conquest

Already since 1954, there is the sport watch line conquest at Longines, which stands for aesthetics and dynamics alike. In the current model conquest chronograph, the watch brand with the winged hourglass in the logo places the station scale on the bezel, which gives the remaining displays on the dial a sufficient space and thus contributes to the clarity. The 41 millimeter-sized stainless steel stopper is powered by the Chronographenkaliber eta A. 08. L01 with column. The Longines conquest costs 2,390 euros.

Sport-Chronograph #3: Oris Artix GT Chronograph

The Artix GT Chronograph is a member of the Oris collection associated with motorsport. Due to the flat design, the tapered, double-sided bezel and the combination of steel and ceramics, the 44 mm-large housing looks very elegant. The rubber coating on the flank of the bezel ensures ease of use and the necessary swinging sportiness. Inside, Oris assembles the Chronographenkaliber eta-Valjoux 7750. The sporty-elegant stopper costs 3,150 euros.

Sport-Chronograph #4: Sinn 144th Diapal

The Chronograph 144 St Diapal of Sinn has, besides the scale to determine average speeds, also a Pulsometerskala on the dial edge. The carrier is also equipped for emergency situations. The scale is based on a heart rate of 15 beats per minute. To use the function, you start the chronograph and Count 15 beats. If you press the Stop pusher, you can read the heart beats per minute on the Pulsometerskala. At the 144 St Diapal, of course, the sense-own technologies are used, such as the lubricant-free inhibition and the AR-dry-holding technology. In the interior of the 41 millimetre-sized stainless stainless, the caliber ETA-Valjoux 7750 also works, which offers a second zone in addition to the STOP function. With metal band The Watch costs 2,900 euros.

Sport-Chronograph #5: Tag Heuer Formula 1 calibre 16 full black

Tag Heuer dedicates its own collection to the premier class of motor sports. The Formula 1 calibre 16 chronograph full black is shown in a 44 millimeter-sized stainless steel case with titanium carbide coating all in black. The stopper is powered by the automatic Chronographenkaliber eta-Valjoux 7750, which designates the brand as the name-giving calibre 16. With the help of the scale on the bezel, hobby racers can determine their average speeds. The black stopper is for 2,700 euros.

These were 5 sports chronographs under 10,000 euros from the Watch magazine market Overview.

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Market overview of the station-chronograph as a free download

Continuously updated article, originally posted online in December 2014.

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