5.0 Android Will Be Activated by Default Data Encryption

Yesterday same Apple boasted that, unlike the competition, only devices updated to iOS 8 users can access their data being encrypted, so the Cupertino company already does not decrypt that information to judicial requests. Well, the response of Google did not expect and he has announced the same thing with the next version of Android.

Google spokesperson, Niki Christoff, has confirmed to The Washington Post that in the version of Android 5.0 (L), that will be launched in the coming month, it will come the data encryption enabled by default to further protect the privacy of users.

Data encryption in Android from Android 3.0 [2011], but is optional. Is the user that should activate from Settings > Security > encrypt phone. This option encrypted on our accounts, settings, applications and data base with a pattern, password or PIN then you will have to enter to unlock the screen to encrypt data. From Android 5.0 it will ask us to encrypt the phone by default.

Android data encryption, Google will not help justice to access data from our device, with which each with that key have encrypted our device, since the key is stored on the device and not in the cloud.