4 Top Watch Brands on the Chronos Reader Travel Experience

Visit Us With Bulgari, Hublot, TAG Heuer & Zenith

From 10th to 12th October 2017 the readers travel with Chronos chief editor Rüdiger Bucher to Neuchâtel, La Chaux-de-Fonds, Le Locle, Nyon and Le Sentier. There you will visit with us the manufactories of TAG Heuer, Zenith, Hublot and Bulgari. Secure yourself to one of the only 15 places and experience watchmaking art first hand!

Day 1 At TAG Heuer And Zenith

The journey begins at the headquarters of TAG Heuer in La Chaux-de-Fonds. There, product developers, designers and designers are planning new works and housinas, dials, hands and bracelets. The prototypes of the new watch models are also being developed here. Watch clockmakers over the shoulder during the assembly of clocks – from attaching dials and hands to inserting the work into the case. You are also part of intensive tests of all kinds, such as the test of the accuracy or the water tightness. We also visit the Atelier für Komplikationen and finally the museum “TAG Heuer 360”, which presents numerous exhibits on the company’s 157-year history.

The second stop of the day leads to the traditional manufactory of Zenith in Le Locle. There we see, among other things, how the famous automatic chronograph caliber El Primero emerges. At Zenith, you can immerse yourself in Swiss watchmaking. Already the area of ​​the manufactory founded in 1865 is impressive: no less than 18 buildings are on the premises. You can get historical insights by visiting the famous attic, which contains many of the old tools that were hidden there from the scraps during the quartz crisis. Needless to say, a tour of Zenith’s most advanced production centers is part of the program.

Day 2 At Hublot

The second day will be spent by the participants of the Chronos reader travel at Hublot. In Hublot’s two manufacturing plants, we see the production of the Hublot manufacturing caliber components and the production of carbon fiber housings and the scratch-resistant gold-ceramic alloy Magic Gold. In the main building of Hublot we observe the assembly of the watches. Highlight is the joint lunch with Hublot chairman Jean-Claude Biver. You have the opportunity to ask him questions and to exchange ideas. Let yourself be carried away by the passion of the famous Jean-Claude Biver!

Day 3 At Bulgari

The tour ends with the visit to Bulgari, where you will get an insight into the workshop for manufacturing and major complications. This is located in Le Sentier in the Vallée de Joux, in the former building of the manufactory Daniel Roth, which was taken over by Bulgari in 2000 and has now been fully integrated. Here, Bulgari develops and produces works and plant components; complicated watches like models with jumping hour or tourbillons are completely manufactured in http://www.timedictionary.com/wrist-watches/bering-watches-designed-watches-stylish-mens-watches/. The section dealing with the percussive clocks is fascinating. Here, three watchmakers sit in a light-flooded studio, which assemble minute repetitions, Grandes and Petites Sonneries in a week-long or even several months process from A to Z.