4 Easy Hairstyles to Ward off the Heat

Summer is delicious-but, best for those who may enjoy sombra e água fresca, huh? If you’re the team that’s back in the routine of everyday life, you know it’s not so easy to fight the hot days and still remain “presentable”. And without doubt one of the factors that most influence the discomfort is the hair–especially for those who have the long wires.

The girls who are fleeing from scissors need some tricks to ease the “heat”. And the hair stylist and image consultant Ramiro Chao gives practical tips on hairstyles for you.

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“The podrinho Coke continues. Besides being practical and does not have a rule needs, the hairstyle appears even on the runway “, says Raad. The fashionistas show ways taken off to do the “bun” right at the top of the head. Note that a few loose threads leave the visual very modern.

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High ponytail and braids are hairstyles that can also be adhered to daily life without fear. “The trick is to give a slight mess, independent of the hairstyle that is chosen. Not used so often, hair fashion is natural, “advises the hairdresser. There are options to vary, be inspired:

Follow these step-by-step instructions to teach you how you can make different braids. Just a little bit of practice to be ACE!

You can make two separate or even add a braid the tail. It is versatile, feminine and delicate.

Another tip is the torcidinho. Just make a tail shorter and twist the wick inside. You  can still improve that hairstyle with various twisted. Gives impression of embedded braid and looks great!