4 Cycling Clothing Tips

Pedaling through the streets of a big city or through nature is no longer just a sport and today is considered a lifestyle. And like every lifestyle, fashion is involved and contributes not only to enhancing the cyclist’s appearance but also to providing safety.

And you, already have a style to use when you ride? Choose your clothes based only on comfort or prioritize the style? The ideal is to unite the two and in this post, we will give tips and suggestions of clothes for cyclists who want to be fashionable without losing comfort. Check it!

Shirts or jerseys: this is the question

The jerseys are shirts made with materials and techniques that improve the performance of cyclists, in relation to movement, ventilation and maintenance of body temperature.

Although there are varied styles, jerseys are fair and their colors are always very vivid. For work or sightseeing in the city, they may not be the best option. In this case, our tip is to look for pieces made with light fabrics that allow the transmission of heat. The brand H & M, for instance, released a line for this segment.

Remember: T-shirts are not advisable, as they are not elegant, they protect the wind body a little.

Cycling shorts

In general, wearing shorts to pedal is already a good step by giving greater mobility for the movement of the legs than the pants, for example. Make sure you always opt for a lightweight fabric that guarantees the greatest possible sweating.

However, it is ideal to wear cycling shorts, as they ensure less friction and greater mobility during movement. Tip: If feasible, use both(shorts and shorts) at the same time.


A lot of people think that pants do not fit with a pedal, but know that this idea does not always make sense. In addition to the more well-known sportswear made with specific material, such as bermuda, it is possible to obtain trousers on the market designed to meet the needs of urban cyclists.

This is the case, for example, of the line idealized by the company Levi’s, the Commuter. In it, the pants were made with breathable fabric, suitable modeling for pedaling and reinforced seams – all to maintain the style and the practicality.


Choosing the accessories that you are going to use is very important because a wrong decision can make your look a bad choice. Well, let’s not let that happen, will we?

To get started, make sure that socks, gloves, and helmets are fit and comfortable. There are many models of these three items out there, but give preference to those whose colors dialogue with the clothes you are wearing in some way.

For example, if you are in black clothes(a basic look that tends to match most accessories, by the way), and a red sock, a black glove, and a black helmet would fit just fine. The same would not happen with green gloves and a yellow helmet. The secret here is to harmonize the colors without forgetting their safety.

As for glasses, they are often extravagant and very colorful for sports cyclists. Fashion is a versatile concept and adaptable to every social cycle. So do not be afraid to overdo it. In the case of helmets(remembering that this is not an optional item), have two: one for sport practice, bold design and bright colors, and a second, more sober, to tour the city.

Ready! We hope our cycling clothing tips will help you look better and feel more comfortable when riding. Now, we invite you to know more about our products on ITYPEjob. There, you will find numerous fashionable clothing options, such as our special GTassos line.