27 Ssw: the First Conversation Between Mom and Baby

With the 27th week, already two-thirds of the pregnancy are managed. Baby and MOM are moving with great strides on the birth. What features this week waiting for you and how your baby develops, that you can find out here.

In the ultrasound your baby looks almost in the 27th week of pregnancy, so in the seventh month, like a newborn. But not only its appearance, most institutions are already well developed. And what is there?

How’s Your Baby In The 27th Week?

At the end of the 27 SSW measures your baby in an average 36.5 centimeters and weighs about 900 to 1,000 grams. It now uses the last few months to prepare his body for life outside the womb. A prerequisite for this is now done: Finally the body proportions are the same!

The 27 SSW is characterized by the formation of the brain structures . The previously smooth surface of the brain starts to form furrows and similar to that of adults, the child’s brain is very active.

Even if the place in the uterus decreases, your baby can turn still cheerful. Once it is with the head up, then back down again. In the 27th week, it is still not worrying if your baby not in the birth position – with the head down -. It has few weeks time to rotate into the correct position.

27 SSW: Contact Through The Abdominal Wall

Already in the 27th week, your baby takes keen interest in the outside world. It learns much about you and your family and are already trained in its social nature. Because your emotional life has direct influence on your favorite. It is therefore important that you’re even emotionally balanced and relaxed. Too much stress can namely negative affect the brain development of the child. Generally, you can assume that your baby feel comfortable, if you’re fine.

If you want to contact with the small, talk to him and stroke it in through the abdominal wall. Maybe you or your partner realize that comes to the small on your hand.Movements happen especially in a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere. From the 27th week, your baby perceives his environment with all your senses and enjoy now music and stories.

You In The 27th Week: The Pressure

To the 27 SSW is also a further weight gain for you. On average, you’ve got the ten kilograms? Since the uterus, placenta, and child are getting bigger and thus increasingly under pressure the internal organs, there in the 27th week also reinforced complaints such as heartburn or nausea via BabyinGer. To reduce circulation and organs, you should sleep as possible on the left side.

Even with recent problems such as calf cramps, varicose veins or constipation you need to arrange for a further three months. In addition, in the 27th week, complaints can occur such as hemorrhoids, incontinence, and itching on the abdomen. Physical relief, relaxing baths and mild ointments provide relief in such cases.

A Hard Belly – Do What?

Not infrequently includes also a hard tummy in the 27th week. But don’t worry: generally it is not a cause for concern. At this stage of pregnancy there is namely like to practice labor, which prepare your uterus for the right birth .