27 rules to stay stylish in social clothing

Social clothing is easy to use. But it’s also full of pranks. For you to stand out as”the” smart guy, we made this guide with 27 golden rules of formal fashion.

There is a man who is forced to wear social clothing every day, but he does not like it. There is a man who would like to wear social clothing every day, but he can not. And there’s still a man who thinks it’s great to wear a suit every day because he does not have to break his head choosing clothes. Well, we do not know what category you fit into, but you want me to wear a nice suit and tie, at any time.

Companies and managers more than ever are taking into account the employee’s way of dressing. There is no way to stand out at work without paying attention to clothes in the smallest details. Perhaps the only ones who can dress badly and get along are Brasília politicians, who wear those miserable suits and make lots of money. But this is another matter that is not worth discussing here, so we do not get angry.

To help you not mess up social clothing, we’ve developed this 27 tips guide with the collaboration of personal stylist and fashion consultant Felipe Duarte, from São Paulo. Here you have everything you need to know about dressings, lengths, color combinations, shirts, ties, shoes and socks. First of all, however, we explain the difference between suit and custom.

Suit is actually the set of three pieces: jacket, pants and vest.

Costume is the suit set and pants that everyone calls a suit.

Well, we hope our tips help you get a promotion or pay raise! Check it. If you prefer, watch this video on YouTube’s Man In The Mirror channel:

RULE # 1

The trim of the suit or the costume should be perfect. Even the most expensive suit – it could be Gucci, Prada, Armani – will not look cool if it’s not perfectly adjusted to your body’s measurements.”Jacket in the wrong length, too long sleeves or loose pants will destroy any chance of having a nice look,” says Felipe Duarte, clothing bit translators from BitTranslators.com

RULE # 2

The suits and costumes with slim fit modeling, closer to the body, are the big trend in social clothing. They are well fitted to the body, with narrower shoulders jacket and also fairer and shorter pants.

RULE # 3

Even in slim fit modeling the jacket may not be too fair on the body(nor wide, of course). A tip to check the ideal measurement: you should be able to stick the closed fist between the shirt and the buttoned jacket.

RULE # 4

The jacket should have the right length, which is at the time of your closed palm, with the arm stretched out. If it is too long, it gives the impression that your legs are short, leaving you shorter and stocky. Too short, it does the opposite effect and spasms its legs.

RULE # 5

The sleeves of the jacket should show approximately 1.5 centimeters of the cuffs of the shirt. If it is longer, ask to adjust; If it gets shorter, try another jacket number.

RULE # 6

The pants should be positioned at your waist. Neither in the hip nor in the abdomen. A comfortable waist width is where you can stick a finger between the pants and the body.

RULE # 7

Nothing to leave the pants too long, rolled up on the shoe. The right length, which is currently shorter, leaves you taller and slimmer.

RULE # 8

There are those who find the suit(jacket, pants and waistcoat) very grimy. But a well-fitting body vest makes you leaner and more modern.

RULE # 9

Suit(or jacket) and open shirt without tie make up a look at the same time elegant and relaxed, that falls well at work, at parties and informal engagements.

RULE # 10

You can also wear buttoned shirt without tie, especially to relax the look.”Just avoid the shirts with very wide collars,” warns the fashion consultant.

RULE # 11

The gray suit is wildcard in the men’s wardrobe because it can be worn both day and night.”Gray is a neutral and versatile color that looks good with shirts of all colors,” says Felipe. It can be light gray or dark gray.

RULE # 12

Brazilians are still afraid to risk social clothing and have not learned to explore light-colored suits, which are elegant and match our tropical climate.”The shades of beige, sand and light blue are perfect to use during the day,” explains the consultant.

RULE # 13

To make your look more modern, choose a bolder pattern rather than opt for a suit made in a classic fabric.

RULE # 14

If the suit is more flashy(for instance, plaid pattern), balance the look with a discreet shirt and tie.

RULE # 15

Colored or printed tie and shirt break the seriousness of social clothing.”Just do not exaggerate in the pictures and bright colors to look like the Falcon,” says Felipe Duarte. Use your good taste to balance the whole.

RULE # 16

To make the look more modern, wear a narrow collar shirt. And tie with tie also narrow.REGRA # 17

Combining suit, shirt and tie of the same color(such as gray, brown or blue) but of different shades, is a stylish and discreet option.

RULE # 18

The social shirt does not have to be smooth or thin stripes. Increase your repertoire beyond white shirt, light blue, pink and beige.”Try matching the suit with plaid shirts and striking stripes and also with flower prints, geometric and abstract designs,” explains the fashion consultant. Also explore the patterns of ties.

RULE # 19

It is already allowed to wear jeans with a suit and tie. By the way, it’s very cool. Just avoid it in formal occasions and settings.

RULE # 20

The last button on the jacket(bottom) always stays open, unless it is a button.

RULE # 21

The double buttoned jacket(also called jacket) is an exception to the rule above, because it should always be closed. Open it looks awful.

RULE # 22

In the custom three-piece, the jacket can be unbuttoned, because the vest already gives an air aligned to the look. But you can also wear the closed jacket, especially on very formal occasions.

RULE # 23

The lapel handkerchief gives an elegant and sophisticated air to your production. You can choose to wear the scarf the same color as the shirt or another completely different color.

RULE # 24

The tie pin also helps make the look chic and formal.”It’s a classic masculine accessory that men need to rediscover,” explains consultant Felipe Duarte. Its function is not only esthetic, since it holds the tie in place.

RULE # 25

Match the suit with which shoe color? The rule is clear: black suit with black shoe; Brown suit with brown shoes; Gray suit with brown or black shoe; Blue suit with brown or black shoe. Without discussion.

RULE # 26

You also adopt with social clothing the trend mankle – shoe without stockings and ankles on display.”In the case of the suit, the trouser bar should not be folded,” says Felipe Duarte.

RULE # 27

Colored stockings, striped, checked, printed, polka dot, are trend.”But only use if your work environment is more informal,” recommends Felipe Duarte. If it is not, stick to the traditional black, brown and blue, always matching the color of the suit. And white half, only in the gym or in football.