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Gant and His Thousands of Colorful Proposals for This Spring/Summer 2010

Gant It is one of those firms that truly worthwhile to spend the money on them. Not only because the quality of their products is unbeatable (their jerseys are the very best I’ve seen in a long time) but because it is also a very elegant brand but but nonetheless falls into the temptation to make your models and assemblies classics and bland, they continually experiment with colors, new collaborations and joint designs. And the result jumps to the eye. Continue reading

Pull and Bear Vs Mango (Homini Emerito): Shirts for This Summer

We continue with comparisons, that even though they are almost always odious, it is the only way we have to choose wisely and value items that will make up our wardrobe for this summer. After the Poles that we compare from Zara and Emeritus Homini Let’s go for shirts. The shirts It is a garment that is the season of the year that is always have a place in our sets, especially in the most elegant or classic though, as we shall see, it is not always so. Continue reading